Memorable Moment Monday -1st Solid Food at Daycare Edition

Stella goes to daycare on Mondays and Tuesdays, and last week when I picked her up, the daycare provider mentioned that I might want to start sending solids for Stella to munch on at lunchtime, because she was getting mad when her girlfriend Campbell got to eat and she didn’t. 🙂 Today I sent with a fresh peach (they are SOOO good here right now) and an avocado. Here is the picture that Jen just sent me over lunch – so cute!

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  1. What a big girl! It must be so fun to get pictures like that while at work 🙂

  2. Awww. So cute.

  3. soooo cute!

  4. She looks so cute.. love those chubby cheeks! 🙂 Alidia would also get very angry if a friend was eating without her!!

  5. I gave Raegan peaches for the first time today…she is LOVING THEM….I think she prefers nectarines, but she's definitely loving the peaches…Yay for solids at daycare. Does she eat 3 meals at home? Raegan starting having temper tantrums when I was eating lunch after her noon feeding. So she's now eating a full 3 meals.Adorable pic!

  6. I'm surprised Stella wasn't stealing some food from her friend!

  7. Nope – usually one meal (dinner) and sometimes two (if I have time to do breakfast)… but she never usually eats lunch, so this is a change!

  8. Very cute! How amazing!

  9. Awesome! Avacado was one of Ginny's favourites at that age too.

  10. Look at her with her little friend – so cute!

  11. That's such an awesome picture! I really wanted to do BLW but totally chickened out lol. Now I've got a freezer full of ice cube sized purees that look pretty awesome though hehe. My husband just about had a heart attack – apparently I don't cook much and he was jealous of all the food ready for Lil K hehe.

  12. Yummy! Taylor only eats avocado mixed with pear or apple. That's awesome that Stella gobbles it right up!

  13. Is she ever not the cutest thing in a picture!?!?

  14. I love the little naked girl picture! So cute!

  15. Ahhhh! I love it! Wow, she's a pretty neat eater (unless I just can't see the mess well in the photo)!

  16. Love this!

  17. What a big girl! I love her little smirk!

  18. One thing that struck me is that it is nice when the daycare provider sends pictures like this (my old one did before I put W into preschool). She is too cute!

  19. What a happy little girl!!! She is darling.

  20. She looks like such a big girl!! Peaches are one of Sofi's FAVORITE things!

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