Quite Possibly the Funniest Blog Ever

A couple of days ago, a blog friend of mine linked me to a post from the blog Honest Toddler in response to my post “Groggy,” and that post (“7 Stages of Night Grief“) had me laughing so hard that I just had to keep reading. Seriously, laughing out loud wanting to pee my pants funny.

Then, the next post was entitled “Placenta.” I dare you to read and not laugh so hard you cry. Come on, I dare you.


  1. A friend of mine just told me about the Honest Toddler blog the other day too and I was laughing so hard… and could not stop reading. Love it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have been dying laughing all morning!

  3. Also laughing this morning….thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE that blog so much!! Just about every single post has me in tears! You should follow HT's tweets – they're priceless!

  5. The tweets are great, and seem to always match the kind of day we're having!

  6. That IS funny! Especially because we say our baby is in there cuddling with her placenta all the time. With not.much else to do besides hang out with it. 🙂 thanks for that!

  7. HOLY COW. Laughing so hard hahahah

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