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I’m in the midst of moving everything to WordPress (mainly b/c their commenting system is SO much better), but I’m having an issue that I cannot figure out how to fix. I have links along the a bar that are automatically populated by my “pages” – and drop downs within those buttons to pages below the parent pages.

What I want is an option like Blogger has for pages where the “page” can actually be an HTML address to direct to any page – not necessarily to a page within your specific wordpress blog. Does anyone know how to do this?

For example, I have the weekly pictures of Stella hosted on my family blog, and I want to have it so that you can click on the “Stella Week-by-Week” text in my link bar and it just goes straight to that page…not to a wordpress page where I have to put in yet another link to ‘click here’ to see the page I wanted to direct you to in the first place. Currently in WordPress, I can only figure out how to change the very last part of the URL – it forces you to have the main blog url as the first part of the link, which is of no use if you want to direct to something outside of your blog (or want to direct to an entire category of posts, like my WWW posts).

I googled it and found plug-ins that deal with this, but apparently you can only use those if you have a wordpress.org site. Is there a work-around for wordpress.com sites?



  1. I am also switching to WordPress and was just wondering the very same thing last night! Hopefully someone will have an answer…

  2. I have nothing helpful to add. I just NEEDED to say that I am glad WP hates someone as much as Blogger hates me. I wish it wasn't you!!! But I feel so vindicated!!!!You're welcome.

  3. Are you trying to add a hyperlink in a post, or putting a static link on your sidebar?

  4. Here is what I found! You can configure a custom menu under Appearance -> Menus which will allow you to link to whatever you'd like — Pages, Posts, or even external custom links. You can read more about how to set up custom menus here.http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/

  5. Ah, perfect! Thanks!!

  6. No problem. PLEASE share your new URL with me after you make the switch – I miss your random posts!

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