We Made It!

We had a long day of travel yesterday (18 hrs from when we got up to when our heads hit the hay – 15 hours of those on the road!)…but it was all worth it. After two flights and about four hours of driving, we are safe and sound at my parents’ house in Minnesota, and we got to see some great friends along the way. I’ll have to work on Stella’s weekly post later today, but in the meantime, I will leave you with this…

Stella’s first kiss.

Mac, you are the man.

Oak – enjoy this pic, because your kid’s amazingly long tongue is allowed nowhere near my daughter when they are teenagers! 😉


  1. That picture is HILARIOUS!!!!!!I've known some kids, who grow up around dogs (and we all know how doggies "give kisses") that thought a hug and a kiss always involved open mouths and tongues… hard to explain to them that people don't *always* kiss that way!

  2. Love this picture!!! So darn cute 🙂

  3. That's an adorable pic. Travelling with wee ones is always taxing, so glad that you made it with your sanity intact. 🙂

  4. You brave, brave Mama for traveling that long! Cute pic!

  5. Awww! Love it! Also, really love your comment to Oak underneath the picture!

  6. Have fun! And let us know how all that travel went with a little…

  7. My son is a stud. No way around it. The kid's got it.

  8. So great to hear you all made it in one piece!! Have such a great time while there. haha, I love this photo and the message beneath it. Go Mac! 😉

  9. Glad the long day of traveling is over – enjoy the rest of your vacation! Those two were just destined to be together, weren't they?

  10. Way to go Mac! Stella is just too darn cute to resist. Such an adorable pic.

  11. Love that! Have fun at your parents'

  12. Wow nice work!

  13. woo hoo! stella's a heartbreaker! 😉 i can't believe what a long day of travel y'all had. so glad it went so well!

  14. haha! I love that picture. I'm glad you made it to MN safely!

  15. Adorable!!! So cute!

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