Stella Times…35 Weeks

My Poor Little Girl, 

You started off your 35 week birthday with a runny nose, and since I’m writing this a couple of days late, I know it escalated into bloodshot and watering eyes, a runny nose, and overall crappiness. 🙁

However, for the most part, you have been a happy child through all of it. You started crawling today (8/9/12) and it’s so fun to see it just click for you on how to move. The only problem is that you get yourself stuck in situations that you’re not quite sure how to get out of. 🙂

This whole past week of your life was spent traveling around MN with me and your Auntie Jaime. You are such a great traveler, and throughout four flights and 14 hours in the car, there was nary a peep from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that! It was great fun to have fellow travelers remark about what a happy baby you were instead of giving me the stink eye. I appreciate it, baby!

Here are a couple of my favorite pics of you from the week:

Professional flyer!
ALMOST crawling at my Mom and Dad’s house. LOVING the pool.

Her little float was perfect for water + shade. Thanks Mom! (aka NanaMama Julie)

With my BFF from childhood, Jen. xoxo
YAY for time with Grandpa Elmo and NanaMama Jul

Hanging out with Great Grandpa Gene
4 Generations with Great Grandma Joan!
Hanging out with four of your five aunties after wedding dress shopping for Auntie Emma!
Cousin Jonah, showing you the ropes.
Chilling with cousins Jonah and Holden!
Auntie Katrina playing with you on a sandbank in the Mississippi!

Bath time. 🙂 

Good times with Daddy’s family!

Our traveling crew – Auntie Jaime, you, and me. Such a great time!

I love you baby.



  1. Aww poor Stella in that first photo, feeling so yucky. Hope she ges better very soon. Being sick does not look like fun. Wow, congrats on the start of crawling!! How fun! It sounds like Stella did so well on your trip and what great photos you have from it. Love that last close up with her hat on. What a beauty!

  2. Oh Dear…the first pic on your pic…is so well, oh poor Stells…I hope the grumpiness disappears soon.Stella is four weeks ahead of Figlia (roughly), and I keep seeing your weekly posts to find out what to expect….Watching the crawling and getting into odd places bit, made me so 'ahhhhh'!

  3. Oh poor Stella 🙁 Hope she is feeling better! Lexi is crawling also….she is non-stop on the move! Love the picture of her on the plane 🙂

  4. That last picture is awesome! I'm sure it was such a relief that she was such a great travel buddy. Looks like you all had a blast (besides her being sick).

  5. Love the bath picture. And you def look like your mom! Glad she's a great traveler and I hope she is feeling better!

  6. I have almost the exact same picture if Gracie a your second one, of Stella crying under the stools. I tried to find it on my blog but couldn't. I must no have posted it. Too cute!

  7. Poor girl!! But that last picture is absolutely beautiful!!

  8. I'm so impressed she was such a good traveler! That last pic – to die for!!!

  9. The last photo of her is just beautiful. I love the one of her stuck under the barstool. :)How do you get her to look at the camera and smile! It's amazing!

  10. That first photo is so sad! Poor Stells! The second one, though… omg… I feel terrible laughing, I really do, but that is adorably, hilariously sad!

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