You’re Real to Me

Last night I was glued to my computer, trying (and wanting!) to catch up on your blogs. Taking an eight day vacation with almost no time, ability, or desire to be on the computer has left me with hundreds of unread posts in my Google reader, a multitude of my own posts to finish writing and post, a lack of time to invest in PAIL this past week, a gazillion emails in my inbox to attend to, and 500+ pictures to comb through to delete/edit/post.

Charlie asked what I was doing, and I told him I was trying to catch up on blog stuff.

His response?

You’re stressed about stuff that’s not even real Jos.


Has he forgotten about us having dinner with Natalie and her husband in Denver?
Has he forgotten about us having lunch and beers with Ann in St. Louis?
Has he forgotten about us actually spending the night at Oak and her husband’s house in Minneapolis?

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to meet up with 10 “blog friends” in real life (two group gatherings, and a few of you I’ve gotten to hang out with multiple times since those gatherings!), and Charlie has met three of you. If I had the money, I’d love to get each and every one of us together, but in the meantime, I have to settle with meeting people here and there as time and vacation money allows.

Because you know what, YOU ARE REAL TO ME.

Whether you are someone who helped support me through my weight loss issues, my TTC journey, or just by being a cool person and reading/commenting on my ramblings, I am so thankful to have “met” you all through this crazy little blogging world. You mean the world to me, and YOU ARE REAL TO ME.

Silly husbands, they don’t know anything.

BBS LA – 1st group gathering in LA back in September 2010.

Blogorado – 2nd group gathering in Breckenridge, CO in October 2011.


  1. We look like far less fun than group #1. 😉

  2. LOL, not at all. Group #1 was all non-TTC bloggers, and it was taken at 10pm on a Saturday night on our way out to the clubs in LA. A few drinks were involved. ;)Group #2 had two sober pregnant people (me and Oak) and was more low-key, but definitely no less fun!!

  3. Yeah, I think group 2 just looks like they're in a different time of life than group 1 :)And ditto on the silly husbands! They just don't get it.

  4. Why you gotta make me cry in line at Walmart?!?:) XOXO

  5. Oh god I could have weirton this same post, well contextually anyway! Chippie says this to me all the time!! But the bloggers I really connect with they ARE my friends. I'd be lost w/o them and sure it's still the net but I still love then!!

  6. Husbands!! This is exactly Anthony's reaction! I even showed him this post and said, "Look, Josey's husband is just like you!". He still picks on me about it a lot of the time when he thinks I am 'wasting my time' reading blogs or writing mine but he has definitely gotten better in some ways like when I was taking Alidia's photos for Chloe's birthday yesterday he came to help me to help her hold the sign and asked no questions when I said it was "Alidia's bloggy friend's 1st birthday"!! 🙂 You are all real to me too and I feel so blessed to have become a part of this community. I hope someday I can meet up with you and many others!

  7. Wow, these are amazing photos. Thanks so much for sharing! Blogging friends are real, I think it took me longer to realize that than it should have but I know it to be true now, absolutely and unequivocally, my blogging friends are my best friends and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

  8. I LOVE this post. I have so many people I have "met" through blogging that I would love to meet and hang out with in real life. The blogging/internet connection is definitely real, and that's why I invest so much time in it.

  9. I love that you call it "Blogorado." 🙂 Honestly, my husband has said similar things! And I get so fired up about it. 🙂

  10. Aw, love this post! Lol my husband stopped asking questions when I'd send out stuff in the mail and get stuff from people he didn't know 🙂

  11. I have only been blogging for a few months but I love the friendships I have made so far! It's funny how I can look so forward to hearing updates from people I've never met. Like you, for example – I forgot you were on vacation so I was wondering where you've been. I was so excited to see a post from you tonight – and I don't even really know you. But I do, in a way. I think it's wonderful and definitely "real." I'm lucky that B values these friendships of mine as much as I do (and he loves my blog, which helps!). If he poo pooed them, it may not be as fun.

  12. totally agree! I think that my blog / board friends know me much better in some ways that many people IRL. Mark always thinks I'm nutso when I meet up with anyone, worried that they're all out to get me. LOL.

  13. I feel the same way and rushed into work this morning to catch up on all the blogs I've missed in the last four days – I can't image needing to catch up for a longer period of time! I definitely love to read what people are up to, and throw in my two cents every once in a while. That reminds me…gotta get back to reading. 🙂

  14. I'm going to kick C for forgetting me. I email him every day. HE CANNOT FORGET ME. :)That was definitely a great night. Ha.xoxo

  15. Josey, are the first group of girls from the Dooce Community? I remember how cool I thought you all were in Colorado Kelly! That's my kind of fun. 🙂 I remember seeing mimosas in the hot tub, really 'da clubs can't beat that!

  16. Yep – they are Dooce girls. Do you know them apparently?

  17. What a sweet post!! I almost never even tell Stan about my blog or my bloggy friends or any of that. He totally just wouldn't understand it. He'd try to, and he might even say he did, but he really just be missing the boat. He has no idea how awesome you guys all are!

  18. Well said Josey! I had no idea the blogging community was so awesome (or how large it was) until I started mine. Now, I don't know what I'd do without all of you!! Silly husbands!

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