Girlie as Shit!


First off, I pretty much adore this logo, almost as much as I love that BU is finally getting her little girl, because OH MY GOSH, BU, YOU ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!!!

BU, I just read the first post of your new blog, and it makes me so happy for you, inside and out. I know that you had no idea when you posted it today what kind of surprise you were in for tomorrow, but I think the timing is perfect to reflect on that fact that your life is Total, Not Lacking. What a truly wonderful, blessed place to be. Your Tiny Dancer is the puzzle piece that your life has been missing, and though it will be an insanely busy time of your life, it will be so awesome and so worth it.

I love you for your crass writing, your adventurous spirit, your gorgeous hair, and your honest reflections on what motherhood can truly be like. You are obviously an amazing Mommy, and I am so thankful to have gotten to spend some time getting to know you IRL. Let’s make good on that half marathon idea next summer, mmm’okay?!

Love you girlie. I cannot wait to meet your Tiny Dancer, and to get to spend some time together again. CONGRATS!!!


  1. Yay! Thank you so much. I love the logo too. When I saw it I started laughing out loud (at 5 am) because that is totally me. Girly yet always ready with a cuss word. Half marathon is on bitches. I didn't buy a double jogging stroller just so I could sit around. 🙂

  2. Hells yes!

  3. I just sat and scrolled up and down and played with the balloons on her blog while inwardly giggling for, like, a full minute. An actual FULL MINUTE, which is probably pretty weird. But that was awesome. Yay BU!

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