8.5 Months, Then and Now

This is alternately titled,

The Top 10 Ways My 8.5 Month Old Child Reminds Me of Myself at 8.5 Months Pregnant.

#10 – She alternates between runny poops and no poops. Constipation sucks.

#9 – Related = she farts like a trucker (or my husband) living on a diet of beer and cheese.

#8 – She wakes up in the middle of the night to eat and pee.

#7 – She often pees her pants.

#6 – Her belly is getting big enough that it’s hard to see her toes.

#5 – She is tired all the time, but fights taking naps when she should because there is so much to do.

#4 – She is awkward and loses her balance all the time, and though she usually catches herself before falling, it is definitely not guaranteed.

#3 – She vacillates between laughter and tears for no reason whatsoever.

#2 – She is outgrowing her clothing by the day.

…and the number one reason she resembles the person her Momma was just 9 moths ago?

#1 – She constantly drops food on her chest and/or belly, looks at it, and then nonchalantly picks it up and continues stuffing her face.


  1. Haha! Love this 🙂

  2. HAHAHAHA! Best. #8, for sure.

  3. Hahahahaha – this is incredible. Did you come up with this? If so, pure genius. Internet meme waiting to happen!

    1. Ya, I thought of it last night when I was watching her eat dinner. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Ok, I just woke up Pip because I was laughing so hard! Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. Pretty sure this is my favorite Stella-related post of all time.

    1. I thought you might like that. 🙂

  6. Oh my god – CLASSIC!!!

    Dude, you should get some bloggy street cred for coming up with something like this!

    #1 is the best.

  7. I agree, number 1 is the best….totally hilarious….

  8. This is so funny! And so true!

  9. hahaha oh my gosh, this is way too funny!!!

  10. This is awesome! All of them are spot on!

  11. Haha, nice.

    Totally missed the move BTW, don’t know how that happened

  12. Such a cute post 🙂

  13. omg, I am DYING over here. Josey, you are the best.

  14. Ba ha ha so true!!

  15. Lololol…we should be BFFs!

  16. Hahahaha! This is hilarious!! My favorite is #3. That is absolutely Sofia right now (usually going hand-in-hand with #5).

  17. Oh my goodness – this is hilarious! And so true! Great pic of you fully prego – gorgeous!

  18. great post! So totally true! Especially the peeing the pants 🙂

  19. I just read the title, and #1, to Hubster and we had a good laugh!!!!

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