Memorable Moment Monday – Couples Edition

My husband loves to golf, and back when work was plentiful (he is in the construction industry and I used to be in real estate – ya, ouch), we used to golf a lot. Well, he golfed every weekend (Sat and Sun) and I golfed a handful of times a season. He is awesome at it and would literally golf every single day if he could…me, not so much. However, I love having four hours of uninterrupted time together – no phones, no distractions, just US. Now though, between having a baby and not having the expendable income we used to, I haven’t golfed once this year and he has only gone twice when he’s gotten hook ups from friends. 

A couple of weeks ago, we were walking around the arts and crafts fair that was in town, and our local fire department had a booth set up full of items that were being auctioned off as a fundraiser for the FD. We saw the card for 18 holes of golf for 2 people (including cart) for $85 and jumped at it! It’s usually $100/pp + cart around here, so that was a pretty great deal. Happily, we won, so yesterday we brought Stella up to her grandparent’s house (they live about 5 minutes from the course), and we headed off for our first four hours of baby free time together since Stella was born!

At the first tee box, getting ready to start off the day!

Rain delay. It DOWNPOURED for probably 15 minutes (with a little hail too!), but luckily we were able to resume playing and only got slightly drenched. 🙂

The course is normally in awesome condition, but little sections of it were not so great yesterday. It was a rough, dry summer here in Colorado. Side note, isn’t my hubby cute?!

At the 18th hole – finally done! It was a totally great afternoon together, but my golf game – not so great, and I was ready to be done and go see my baby. 🙂

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  1. You two are such a cute couple!! Great that you won and were able to get that time together! I would love to be able to do that sometime soon with Anthony!

  2. You are both super cute with those big American smiles!! I hear ya on tve property / construction thing …..,

  3. FUN! Glad that you got the chance to do something fun for just the two of you! I’m sure Stella was very happy to see you when you got back, though!

  4. That’s a great photo of the two of you!

    I’m glad you got to go enjoy some time together. It seems to be a hard thing to do when you have a little one. It’s also hard to do when you have other things (like the little ones) to spend money on. Kids change our lives for the best, but sometimes, it’s nice to return to the old times for just a few hours to remember who we are as a team of 2!

  5. Yay! I’m glad you got to go and have such a fun date! And that the weather *kind of* cooperated for you. So important to do things like that! I would love to have a big date like that with my hubby again. Maybe when the baby is a little less afraid of everyone who is not … well me or daddy. LOL. Serious stranger danger fear in our house.

  6. Sure… “Golf” I know why you guys have those big smiles after the rain delay. 😉

    We need one of these afternoons. With an activity so we don’t just talk about the kid the whole time! Great idea!

    1. LMAO. We actually discussed how 2 yrs ago, he was trying to talk me into taking a ‘rain delay’ off of hole 15. 😉 It was totally great to have that break and talk about anything BUT babies for a bit.

  7. Miss Mac · · Reply

    Looks like a good time despite the rain, glad it worked out. Uninterrupted couple time is so hard to figure out these days but is so important!

  8. elizabethkbaker · · Reply

    Wow-what a great deal you got, and how nice you got a date out of it. Sounds like the perfect day!

  9. What a fun outing for you guys! Stan and I really need to do something like this, it would be so good for us!! Maybe while on vacation we can find time for some tennis or something.

  10. What a fabulous date! So nice – and you guys are so cute!

  11. Your husband IS cute! I was just thinking that as i saw the photo before you said so thinking that my husband who is also awesome at golf, really needs to step up his golf appearal to be more golfy! You’re adorable too! What a fun date!

  12. what a fun date! B is dying to get me to try to play golf, but i’ve never made it past the driving range. ha ha! way to go on scoring a good deal! we’re always looking for golf deals on groupon, too. anyway, YAY for couple time!

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