Stella Times…39 Weeks

PHEW, baby.

This is the first week we have really noticed your hair starting to part!

I’m writing this up a day late because it has been a BUSY week at the house. Last night was the 2nd surprise birthday party of the week for friends of ours, and you have been such a rockstar with these events. Granted you weren’t too psyched about the kazoos and “Surprise!” being yelled, but once you got over your shock and crawled around on the grass with your buddy Liam for a bit, you were all better.

Already a party girl like your parents!

Mmmm…Bud Light.

I love how huge the dog looks in this picture, and your friend Hennessy is totally oblivious!

This week the funniest new development in your life is your fake cough.



*cough cough*

The double cough means we are definitely not paying attention to you fast enough. It’s pretty great, except for at 2 in the morning.

Daddy loves when you randomly stop crawling and look pensive about life.

We also went to the peds doc this week for your 9 month well child check this week. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! You continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Your head is in the 99% percentile now (wow! you started at 31%) and you are 29″ long, which keeps you in the 90s (93%). Your weight has always been in the 60s, but at this appointment you were up to 20#3oz, which jumped you into the 81% percentile. I think Baby Led Weaning agrees with you. 🙂

You are getting faster and faster every day, little girl. Your favorite piece of furniture to pull up on is a rickety old side table that your uncle Ben built in jr. high. We have since took it down, because you kept pulling it over onto yourself! You also still head straight for the dog  bowl, the back steps, the iPad charger cord…you name it, if you’re not supposed to touch it, you go for it. You’re a troublemaker like your Daddy already!

Daddy set you on the chair that his buddy built for you when you were born. So cute!

This week was full of fun activities for you – from going to your first rodeo the to multiple BBQs – and it was another great week with you in our lives!

I love you so much,


  1. I MUST get kazoos for the next party I throw. We had friends over tonight and I’m pretty damn pissed I didn’t read this sooner!

    1. LOL. She was not stoked about them, but she got over it quickly.

  2. I totally noticed her hair looked older before reading your caption. And OMG that dog?!?!?!? I seriously thought it was a cow at first, then thought you photoshopped in a bear!!! Hahaha

    1. Right?! Her hair is just looking… older. I can’t explain it, but it does. LOVE the red haired pic of Gracie, btw! And that dog -yes. Huge!

  3. Great photos Josey! She sure grew up a lot this week! Her hair is very full and blond. I still don’t know how you get her to pose for the camera like she does. You must take a billion shots or she is a natural!

    1. She seriously smiles for the camera – it cracks us up! I do take a lot of pictures, but it’s kind of crazy/cool how she grins as soon as I whip out the phone or DSLR. 🙂

  4. Cute! Omg, I thought that dog was a black bear at first lol

  5. I love that little chair that was made for her. Cute Stella. I can’t wait to see her hair grow wondering if it’ll be blonde or brown. She is so adorable.

  6. She is just so darn cute! I also thought the dog was a cow at first – haha. Love the pondering life picture. Lexi is also always trying to get in the dog bowl, the cord for, well anything, and basically anything I don’t want her to get into. I told my husband the other day I was pretty sure I walk at least a mile a day just chasing her around the living room! Such fun times 🙂

  7. I thought that was a cow in the picture too until you mentioned dog, then I realized what I was looking at! 🙂 She looks a little too pleased holding that BL, already her mother’s daughter I see, haha. She doesn’t look that big in the pictures, I’d be fun to get all the blog kids together to really compare their size. It’s so hard knowing when they are in pictures alone.

    1. That would be really interesting (not to mention FUN!) for sure!

  8. haha I thought the dog was a bear at first!!! That would have been scary! :/ Lovely big doggie though. Sounds like Stella had a fun week. I love her look when she stops crawling to have a little think!! Too cute. Oh my, the fake cough. Alidia has just started to get annoyed when people don’t pay attention to her too. She flails her arms until they look, then she flashes a big smile! 🙂

  9. Look at her hair! That was my first thought before reading this post. She is so cute – and getting so big.

  10. gosh, such a happy baby! Love it!!

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