Stella Times…40 Weeks

Dear Stella,

I’m writing this a day late this week because my heart was just too sad yesterday to write. A friend of mine found out really sad news about her child, and it scares the ever-loving shit out of me to think about anything bad ever happening to you, so I had a pretty hard time dealing with it. I definitely held you a little closer and loved on you a little harder last night. We even slept in the rocker together for awhile in the middle of the night after you got up to nurse, because I just couldn’t bear to put you back down.

9 months. 40 weeks. You came early at 38 weeks, but I know that 9 months is the time that most people think about kiddos as being in the outside world as long as the inside. Crazy crazy. I found you crawling up the stairs to get to me this morning – NOT cool little girl!! You were two steps up, and when you saw me at the top of the stairs, you grinned and went to “sit” back down…um, ya, into thin air. The dog was at the base of the stairs, so your head landed on his soft, furry self, which startled him, and instead of the damn dog being your knight in shining armor, HE then jumped up so your head bounced off of him and onto the floor. *sigh* Time to put up the gate at the bottom of the stairs (or work on teaching you how to go back DOWN!). You are growing up too quickly my child!

We had your first “baby” activity this week – a KinderMusik class. I think you liked it – you were definitely entranced by the guitar and all of the singing and dancing around that we did. 🙂 I think it will be a fun way to interact with other mommies and babies for me as well, and the class is only 2 doors away from our house, so it’s easy to walk over there on my day off with you. Whohoo! I hope you grow to love music as much as I do.

My favorite development of the week with you is how much you “talk” with me. Your tone of noise seems to go up and down with purpose, and when we read books before bed, you “talk” your way through the books with me. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Love you so much baby…


(sorry for taking all crappy cell phone pics this week, baby, time to get my good camera back out!)

Crawling on the prickly grass, which actually scratched up your bottom. Sorry, baby!

I love your little profile. <3

Checking out the leaves after Sunday brunch with Auntie Jaime

The trees are turning color already on the street between your daycare and my work!

Shopping with Mommy, and loving the mirror!

I love that your hair sticks straight up when we walk outside now. 🙂

When Daddy asks for kisses, you offer him your forehead. *LOVE IT* I feel the same way about his scratchy scruff! LOL


  1. I love profile photos – they are so expressive! And I love naked baby photos! I do not take enough of those.

    I haven’t written for the same reason. And Matthew woke up at 3:00 AM today and I held him for a long time before deciding to bring him into bed with us (NEVER happens – he usually hates it). It just seemed like the right thing to do in light of everything. We slept as a family and I thought of my bloggie friends as Matthew tossed and turned on me (he slept on top of my chest). (I did wonder how you ladies who co-sleep do it – I mean – there was no sleep for me!)

    I can’t believe your trees are changing already. I love fall!

  2. I love how babies light up when they see their reflection. Happy 9months Stella!

  3. LOVE the polka dot dress! Stuff like that makes me a little excited for a lady baby! HGB thinks kissing is nose-biting right now…not as good!

    Your hair looks like Stella’s actual hair in the non-reflection part of the mirror pic! Nice locks Stells!

  4. Gracie offers her cheek when people ask for kisses and she doesn’t really want to. Love it!

  5. Beautiful photos as usual. haha so cute that she gives her Daddy her forehead when he wants a kiss!! Yikes, climbing the stairs already. Lucky the dog caught her fall… for a second… before letting her fall! 😛 Happy 40 weeks Stella. Time is flying isn’t it?! Eek!!

  6. The naked baby picture is the best- love it! Again, thank you so much for your kindess and support this week. It’s really, really helped

  7. Oh she is such a peach! Love the turning of the trees. It’s so funny that we are such opposites, as you guys get ready for colder weather we are starting to warm up!

  8. I love her little profile too 🙂

  9. Gee thanks to the family pet lol. We must start baby proofing around here too! Looks like such a big girl, smile & sniff!

  10. I’ve wanted to take Chloe to a KinderMusik class too, I think she would really enjoy it. The picture of those trees is gorgeous! The stairs are a scary thing. Twice yesterday I realized I forgot to close the gate at the top of the stairs (I never forget) and luckily Chloe went trucking on down the hall, oblivious to the gate being open. But my heart nearly stopped both times.

  11. HOW did I miss that first picture?!?! LOVE it!!!!!

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