Stella Times…41 Weeks


You’ve been in disposable diapers for the past week b/c of a horrid diaper rash (caused by cutting your bum up on our sharp, dry grass a week and a half ago), and the creams we are using on it would ruin your cloth diapers. So weird to not see your bubble butt in pictures!

You are certainly living up the A Streetcar Named Desire version of your name this week. Wow. You are loud little girl!! You aren’t mad – just “talking” loudly all the time lately. I had to walk away from the outdoor wedding we went to last Saturday because I was afraid everyone would be listening to you instead of the bride and groom’s vows! LOL

Monthly Family Pic!

We have had house guests since Monday (that is Mikelle’s “cloud” that you’re on in your 41 week picture), and it’s been fun having you meet some friends of mine that live far away. You’ve been a total trooper with all of the late night parties and mid-day excursions that we have been doing. In fact, you started sleeping through the night on Monday.


Sleeping through the night. *knock on wood knock on wood*

Monday you slept from 8pm-9pm, woke up screaming so I nursed you, and then you slept until 7am (10 hr block, 11 total). Tuesday you slept from 8pm-7am (11 hr block/total). Wednesday you slept from 7:45pm-5:45am, nursed, and slept until 7am (10 hr block, 11 total). WOW. I hardly know what to do with all that sleep! The only problem is that I’ve been staying up late chatting with my friends, and I keep waking up around 3-5am wondering if you’ll wake up, so I’m still not getting all that much sleep. Some day… 🙂

Eagerly awaiting the next game of peek-a-boo with your Auntie Jaime. 🙂

Love you so much Stells…



  1. Love the photo of the 3 of you. You three always have such beautiful family photos… they remind me that I really need one of Anthony, Alidia and I!! We have like 5 in total in the whole 8 months! :/

    Also love that last photo of Stella!! 🙂 Her and Alidia have matching hair.

    So great to hear how well she has been sleeping!! Yay Stella!!

  2. You three look amazing in that pic!!! Stella reminds me of Lil K in so many ways!! You should hear the diva scream going on lately at our place. She’s not mad…she’s just letting you know she’s there and you better be looking at her!!! My eardrums are hurting!

  3. Woo hoo, Stella! Those are some seriously long chunks of sleep! We still only get 10 – 10.75 hours on average each night (not complaining – but “the books” say we should be getting 12). I can’t believe she’s starting out for you with such long stretches. She’s got it figured out!!!!

    Stella looks like she’s leaping away in that picture – I love it!

  4. I just love seeing her pic, she is a little ray of sunshine.

  5. What a trooper with the sleep! Wonder what kicked it into gear for her, maybe all the excursions you mentioned are wearing a girl out. Glad you are having fun with your friends in town. They sure do seem to hit a stage where they just LOVE to hear themselves and see just how loud they can be, haha!

  6. YAY for better sleep! 🙂 Gotta love a loud talker.

  7. C is loud too! Lol, I still do that. Whenever C sleeps well I get restless around 4:30/5am because that’s when she usually wakes up so when she doesn’t I’m on high alert waiting for it.

    I can’t believe how big Stella is getting! I hope the diaper rash has been getting better! E & C used to get horrible ones if they ate/drank anything with citrus and it was heartbreaking to hear them cry 🙁

  8. Sleeping wonder!!! Honestly I are her smile it makes me smile. Such a great bubba!

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