My Friday Off

So this week I worked on Wednesday and took Friday off.  Am I going to have a lovely 3 day weekend, you ask? Why no. First off, I’m bartending for a rehearsal dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow for some extra money. This is something I normally love to do, but you will see why I’m thinking “HAHAHAHA – NOT SMART JOSEY, NOT SMART.” Also, I just spent 2.5 hrs in a dentist’s chair while he did some crazy work on my front tooth. I had a horrid car wreck 14 yrs ago, and apparently my front tooth is experiencing “resorption” because of the root damage from the impact – so the dentist had to go in from the front to clean out the sponginess on the inside of my tooth and seal it off, and then he went in from the back to do a root canal. He also told me that I have a “fair” chance of this fixing the problem for 5 years… and if/once it doesn’t, I’ll need to get an implant (to the tune of $4k), because eventually my tooth will discolor badly and/or break off. UGH.

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On the upside, at least they have the expertise to do this now days, and I won’t have to walk around without a front tooth. See, that’s me being POSITIVE, even really I really fucking don’t want to be.


  1. My little man hit me in the mouth with a toy on accident. I was showering one morning for work. I started brushing my teeth and my right tooth just literally popped out at the gum line. I was FREAKING out! It cost me $6k to get a fancy bridge and synthetic bone graft to hold the place of the root they had to remove. I asked to be put under general anethesia so I wouldn’t be aware during surgery (was awesome). My roots were too big for an implant. I would have had to get a crazy big implant tooth and it would look ridiculous. I feel your pain! My teeth look awesome now, but it was a long 8 wk process and many trips to the dentist to complete. Praying for you it will all work out!

  2. Sucky!

  3. Boo! Root canals are the worst! Sorry babe 🙁

  4. My husband had a root canal done when he was punched in the face off the ball at football. One minute he was standing next flat on the ground. It was so lucky I happened to be at the game and that one of my closest friends is a dental therapist and got her work to open up and fix it!! Poor hubby had to have a lot of work done at our expense because no one else saw the incident. The good thing was he finally got a check up. See I can do positive as well!!

    I hate dentists!! They bloody scare me!!

    Hope you have a good weekend x

  5. OUCH!!! I hope you feel better…have fun tending bar tonight…I can see why it might not be the best idea…probably not a good idea to smile at anyone…painful for you and for them! Sending gentle hugs so as not to cause you any further discomfort!

  6. Owwww. That really, really sucks. Nice day off! I hope you aren’t in too much pain and can enjoy your bartending gig, at least a little bit!

  7. Ugh – I hate the dentist! So sorry you had to do all of that today. Hope you feel all right for your bartending gig tonight!

  8. Uhg. What a bummer. I’m going to get an implant in a couple of weeks. It’s at least partly covered by insurance, thank god. Lots more insurance companies are covering implants these days, but of course, you have to have dental insurance in the first place. :/ I hope the root canal works! I have one of those in my front tooth too, and it’s not so bad when it’s over. 😉

  9. Oh no! That is a crappy day! I’m so sorry! I hope your tooth holds out for a looong time until you have tons of money floating around to get some glamourous tooth work done.

    You still have a fantastic smile, and you’ll be feeling better in a couple days.

    If the anesthesia wears off, take shots 🙂

  10. Oh, and I loved your “positive spin” I laughed out loud! I always say I”m so glad I have infertility now rather than 50 years ago or more. How miserable would THAT be? That’s me looking on the bright side.

  11. Oh no… sorry to hear about this! 🙁 Stupid teeth. They have been causing my husband problems all his life and lately mine have been causing me some issues too. Good positive spin though! 😉

  12. I’ve been thinking, and you know what would make you feel better today? A giant metal chicken. DO IT!

  13. You poor thing, I hate teeth problems, probably because I have so many.

    I have had four root canals and issue issue with the exact same tooth as yours. It sucks and I have a crown over it now and I am ALWAYS terrified that the crown will fall off and I will have this gross skinny chunk of tooth poking out.

    I hope it lasts for a long time!

  14. I can’t even look at the photos – mouth stuff makes me sick to my stomach. I feel for you. And I hope you never need an implant – that would be awful for all sorts of reasons (I had no idea they were THAT expensive. I knew it was insane – but that’s just ridiculous!).

  15. Oh man I can’t look either!! I don’t do well with stuff like that, they’d have to knock me out. Hope this fixes things though!

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