Stella Times…43 Weeks

Stelly Belly,

Contrary to what the picture above  (which was taken right before nap time) might indicate, every week lately is more and more fun with you. You are SO interactive and responsive and CUTE. The random cuddles have continued, and though you refuse to give (or accept) kisses, you’ll offer your forehead to people if you feel like showing affection, which makes your Daddy and I go “awhhhh” every time!

Cuddling with Daddy!

I <3 Cuddles

You are getting SO fast at crawling, and this week we finally got a retractable baby gate installed at the top of the stairs to hopefully keep you from tumbling down them. You continue to stand up, let go, and grin at us like “look ma – no hands!” We’re thinking you’ll be walking before you’re 1, but we shall see.

BGS (Big Girl Status)!

We went in to WIC this week, and when they did your measurements you were up to 21#8oz and 29″ long. That’s up nearly 1.5# in the past month, though your height seems to have leveled out for a bit (thought it is hard as heck to measure you b/c you’re such a squirmy thing!). Your Daddy loves the “rubber band” look on your wrists and ankles lately. 🙂

Watching music videos on the iPad and singing with Daddy.

Also, these past couple of weeks the relationship between you and Chief has really blossomed. He is SO gentle with you, and he’ll bring his tug rope or ball over to you and you’ll actually play with him. I hope you two are BFFs for a long time!

Playing with Chief.

Love you so much my beautiful baby!

Up near the ranch where your Daddy and I got married!



  1. Just love all the pictures – so sweet. She is a doll!
    Lexi is in the process of learning to walk – she can walk holding our hands or her push toy – I am SO not ready!!

  2. flyv002 · · Reply

    Chloe is obsessed with our little dog too! Anytime she’s crying or fussy for no reason, we call “Mama Biz to the rescue” and she will stop the tears instantly and a smile will appear. It’s amazing actually, and I hope we can keep that trick in our back pockets for a long time.

    I don’t know why, but Stella looks older to me this week, I guess it’s through the various activities you captured in the pictures? I especially love the one on her daddy, reading with him, and with her puppy.

  3. I love all your nicknames for Stella. And I also love how she looks like a baby one minute and a toddler the next.

    So, I think Taylor is only 21lbs at almost a year and definitely over 30 inches. (I’ll know next week). But her belly is HUGE. Does Stella have a big belly? B/c she seems so slender (rubber band arms and all) in these photos.

    1. HA. One of the main reasons I liked the name Stella was b/c it didn’t lend itself to nicknames (my husband is a chronic nicknamer!!). Um, ya. We call her SOOO many different nicknames, and it’s totally habit now. 🙂 She’s our Bells!

      Also, Stella has a HUGE belly – child has never been accused of being slender. LOL. I’ll have to get a picture of it next week I guess!

  4. holy cow she is long….you and Charlie must be tall people….as compared to my dwarf self….I can’t believe she’s standing…that’s amazing….She’s growing up so fast!!!

    1. I’m 5’8″ and Charlie is 6’3″ – so yes, pretty tall. Stells has been in the 90+ percentile for her length ever since birth!

  5. Every time I see that view I catch my breath! I love that she’s playing with the dog. What an amazing special girl

  6. Keep it up Stells! You’ll be 14 months at our wedding, and you better practice practice practice to be walking up that aisle PERFECTLY 😉

  7. She is such a little sweetie!!! I love that one of her standing on her own… and love her outfit in it! Also love the one of her and Chief. I am sure they will be the best of pals for a long long time. Alidia and our pets are getting much more interested in each other everyday… especially since she officially started fully, forward, hands and knees crawling yesterday and is chasing them all over the place!! 🙂

  8. MAN, she looks big! I think Chicken will be walking by 1 as well (but not Ham, she’s got lots of practicing first and then she’ll be ready).

    Charlie looks like Will Arnett to me in that lying-down photo!

  9. Before one?!? She’ll be walking way before that if she’s already standing on her own! You better prepare yourself quickly 🙂

  10. mcmissis · · Reply

    Also, you can totally tell what a sweetheart she is from these pics <3

  11. Love that girl 🙂

  12. Such a cutie!!! And what a big girl, standing up all by herself!!!

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