Fall Colors

I just wrote a quick post on my family blog about our weekend, but I also wanted to throw up a couple of pics before I forget that I took last Wednesday when Stella and I were driving around. She actually fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store, so I just kept driving. 🙂 It’s a couple of weeks past prime fall colors around here, but it’s still pretty! All of these pics were taken within 5-15 minutes of my house (the top two were 15 minutes away, the bottom 3 were just outside of town).



  1. That’s it. I’m moving out there. So pretty1

  2. We’re all jealous. I live on the prairies. Beautiful. BTW…you got an honorary mention in my last post.

  3. Seriously….it’s not fair to have views like that 5-15 minutes from home….JEALOUS!!! Looking forward to taking Raegan to the arboretum to get some good color picks….but I’m still jealous of your views….

  4. Wow, you live in such a gorgeous place!

  5. WOW!! Amazing. I still say if I ever move anywhere else in the world, it will be to your town!! 😉

  6. Your back yard never fails to make my jaw drop! Something about not living in a city hey!!

    1. Yep – there are times I REALLY miss the city, so I try to remind myself of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

      1. I do to – that is until I go in for the day and become overwhelmed with the business, people running everywhere, rudeness and traffic lights!!! Good to visit but don’t want to live there anymore 🙂

  7. Hands down you live in one of the most incredibly beautiful places ever. Wow. Just, wow. (And I LOVE the first pic of Stella!)

  8. flyv002 · · Reply

    Beautiful! I’m afraid we won’t have much of a pretty fall here in KS this year b/c it’s been so dry. Many of the leaves have already fallen off or are dead, so thanks for some beautiful pictures! Glad it’s still pretty somewhere!

    1. Yeah – we lost a lot of ours before they turned as well. 🙁

  9. Yeah, so that was my comment above…forgot to log out of my WP account.

  10. Colorado is soooo beautiful!!!!! In every season, but wow, it is gorgeous in the falll!!!

  11. lparsons15 · · Reply

    Holy smokes that is breathtaking!

  12. Wow you are really lucky to have scenery like that

  13. So beautiful!!!

  14. Wow, beautiful pictures and scenery!

  15. Beautiful!

    I will not be sharing these with my husband or my house would be up for sale tomorrow 😉

  16. *SIGH*

    I love birch trees.

  17. Gorgeous! One of the benefits of moving has been the beautiful trips back and forth over Wolfcreek. I love the western slope!

  18. This is all impossibly beautiful. I can’t believe how gorgeous your part of the country (and your photography) is. I love that shot of Stella asleep in the back <3 We have the same little baby mirrors, haha.

    1. Thanks, Jules! It’s easy to take good pictures with gorgeous surroundings and a nice camera. There is still SO much I want to learn about photography. One of these days…

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