Support for Mrs. H

Okay ladies – my friend Mrs. H needs your support and words of encouragement! She is currently 21w pregnant with a little girl, and the doctors put her on bed rest and gave her an emergency cerclage yesterday because her cervix has shortened to 2.6.

Sadly, she already has one angel baby in heaven (Chrsitine) who was born at 28w back in August of 2004. Please send her your prayers and support that this little one will stay put in her ute for a few more months!

Praying for you, Jan!



  1. OMG, you just had me burst into full on tears. Thank you thank you so much Josey for your wonderful love and support. I am praying we get through this and this baby girl stays with us. I sooo need her to stay put. Thanks Josey!


  2. Oh to sad 😦


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