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Because I am an incredibly interesting person with lots of great things going on IRL (hahaha), I spent a good chunk of my time over the past two days getting my Google Reader organized. I follow hundreds of blogs (ridiculous, I know), and I was getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. I finally decided to group the blogs I follow into different folders so that I could easily check in on certain blogs without feeling like I had to spend hours on my computer every time. This morning I opened up my reader and saw this… bliss. 🙂

Random question – do any of you have issues UNsubscribing from blogs at times with google reader? There are a few I’ve tried to unfollow because the person no longer writes or I am no longer interested, but most of them keep popping back up on my reader after a day or two. Odd.



  1. generally, if they haven’t written in several months… I unsubscribe.

    1. Ya – I mean that Google Reader itself REsubscribes me after I’ve unsubscribed. Drives me bonkers!

      1. wait what? Are you using the friend connect also, maybe that makes it happen?

      2. No – maybe a couple from the very beginning, but not since then, b/c I had heard that would be an issue. Every time I click on the link to “manage friend connect,” it tells me the page is unavailable. Grr. 😛

  2. You rock for being able to follow so many blogs and always take time to post sweet comments too! 🙂 Love your idea of getting things organized.

  3. I just went through my reader a few weeks ago and did this. It helps so much!

    I haven’t had the unsubscribe issue, so I’m no help there. Sorry!

  4. I love me some great organization! That is awesome. 🙂

  5. That’s great, Josey. Love the organization.

    I always have problems unsubscribing. So no help here…

  6. Dude…blogging for you seems like a full time job. Where do your actual job and Stella fit in?

    Also, is it bad that your organizational system gives me anxiety??? Where do I fit in? Which cubby hole have I been filed under?!?!?!!

    Just kidding…sort of…

    1. HA. Ya, I blog during naptimes and after bedtime when I’m home with Stella.

      Work…some days I don’t have a minute, some days I can grab an hour here and there. That’s one benefit of my pumping breaks – I read a lot of blogs on my smart phone during pumping breaks. 🙂

      You’re a fav Michele, you’re a fav. LOL

  7. Wow that is a lot of blogs. You are awesome for being that committed to us all. I like the organization too, that will help!

  8. I’m so way impressed – I really need to do that with my own reader…

    1. I highly recommend it! I’ve been reading blogs for 4 years, and blogging for 3. Somehow through adding a blog here and a blog there I’ve ended up with a shit load, and I definitely deleted some off yesterday, but overall, I feel so invested in so many of you, and it makes me feel good that I can check in on everything without feeling AGGGHHHH about it all now. 😉

  9. elizabethkbaker · · Reply

    I am SO flattered that you follow so many blogs and yet comment on mine- thank you!!! I have had this same issue with trying to unsubscribe. Question- do you “follow” any of the blogs you have tried to unsubscribe to? The one I am trying to unsubscribe to I am actually a follower on blogger, and I’m wondering if that’s why it won’t let me. But I sort of know this person in real life (we’ve never met, but are in the same circle) so I feel rude if I unfollow her. Anyway, that might totally not be ther reason…

    1. Ya, I either clicked “Follow” on their blogger blogs or used the “add” button through the Reader to subscribe to everything. I should just be able to “unfollow” from the Reader (supposedly) no matter which method I used, but it only seems to work about half the time for me, and it drives me nuts.

      It’s hard to unsubscribe from ppl you know IRL! Make a folder called “don’t bother reading” and put it in there. Then you can just click “mark all as read” for that folder here and there and don’t have to feel bad about. OR, just bite the bullet and unfollow. That’s usually my choice. 🙂

  10. My google reader is also organized somewhat like that, though it needs a good fall cleaning 🙂 I also have issues unsubscribing, though it’s usually the blogger blogs I hit “follow” on originally instead of subscribing to them directly in google reader and for those I’ve had to go back and unsubscribe in blogger. I’m still not sure it worked – so annoying! Those blogs are just stuffed under my general “blogs I’m following” which I never look at.

  11. As someone who loves organization, this is making me feel like I should use google reader… I don’t technically “follow” any blogs, I just click on each blog in my blogroll as they pop up with new posts. I am SO 2008! 😉

  12. I’ve had the same trouble with unsubscribing – very frustrating!

  13. Anybody using Feed Demon? I used that before the last hard drive kaboom and it let me unsubscribe very easily (cuz I tested that just for fun to make sure it worked). Maybe I should do that again… hmm…

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