Stella Times…45 Weeks

Dear Squeaks,

Your complaining face! LOL

You continue to be a huge snuggler lately, and your Daddy and I are absolutely loving it! You’ll lay your head on the edge of the couch, on your big stuffed bear, or on anything soft when you are sleepy or just in the mood for cuddling. Yesterday you crawled into my lap and snuggled into my chest under my chin for a long time while I lightly scratched/rubbed your back. You would randomly look up at me and grin and then snuggle back in. It was seriously one of the most perfect moments thus far in our relationship as mother and daughter. I love you so much it makes me want to cry with joy sometimes.

Every week you seem to become more and more my little girl instead of my baby. You stand easily for longer and longer periods of time, and it makes you seem SO grown up to look over and just see you standing there! You also love pushing furniture all around the house – it seems you will just let go and walk one of these days. I don’t know if your Dad and I are ready for that though.

Naptime/bedtime is easier and easier lately. You can go down for naps/bedtime with very little coaxing and sleep wonderfully! Usually you take a 2 hr nap in the morning, 1-1.5 hr nap in the afternoon, and sleep 11-12 hrs at night. It’s amazing! Before bed you love pulling EVERYTHING out of your PJ drawer, and you get pretty good range as you throw everything over your shoulder behind you. You are so funny. 🙂

You are the perfect little person to have in our lives, Stella.



  1. She looks so big standing up all by herself! I love when Chloe gets all cuddly like that too, but it’s usually just with everything else besides me and JJ. I just want to eat her up in that picture where she’s sleeping!!

  2. Ugh that was me above again…forgot to change it back.

  3. Oh my goodness, how lucky you are that she’s sleeping easily AND cuddling! Isn’t this a wonderful time?

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    She looks so long and skinny in the first pic! She’s growing up 🙁

  5. I love that picture of her standing there all by herself!!! What a sweet little outfit too… and those sneakers.. love it all! She really is becoming a little girl, isn’t she?! Wow! Aww, so nice that you are getting all those snuggles lately!

  6. She does look like such a little girl rather than a baby standing there by herself. So envious that she is such a good sleeper! Hopefully Lexi will get there soon!

  7. Wow- she is getting to be so grown up! Love her outfits 🙂 And hooray for such awesome sleep!

  8. She sure looks like Charlie! I am getting a little sad seeing her grow up so fast. It goes too fast.

  9. Oh how sweet that she’s such a cuddler. So cute!!!

  10. Such a sweet time!! I read your weekly updates and just laugh! My little Blake is like a clone of Stella, just 5 weeks ahead!! I smile when I’m reminded of when Blake started doing that and where that led. Such a sweet girl!! Time flies! (I know everyone says that – but it is so true!)

  11. Oh my! She is ADORABLE!

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