Kicking and Screaming

So yeah, I’m apparently one of the only people on the planet who isn’t in love with Halloween (thanks, Mom?!). I even refused to buy an exorbitantly priced outfit for my 10.5 month old, just to take a picture of her in it. THEN, my co-worker asked me yesterday if she could buy her an outfit (she literally called me from the store on her day off)…and I gotta admit, I’m glad she did, because Stella was SO FRICKIN CUTE in it. Behold, our cuddly lion…

I love the “realness” of this pic – we tried the outfit on last night, and Char was so excited that he ran and grabbed my camera to get a pic. So cute. 🙂

Um. Yep. She’s adorbs.

Nana and Papa stopped by after work on Halloween tonight and snapped this pic of us. Love it!


  1. You’re not the only one… I’m not Halloween crazy either. In fact, I did nothing today Halloween related but we are having a school party for Halloween on Friday so I must dress up for that but it is past Alidia’s bedtime so Alidia will most likely be going costume free this year (I did think of a quick pirate appearance at the start of the party but we’ll see) which after all of today’s posts, I feel like a bad mum!! :/ Especially after seeing how stinking cute Stella looks in her costume!!!! She definitely suits the lion look. I just love it and want to pick her up and give her a million cuddles!!

  2. Adorable! I didn’t know how outrageously priced G’s costume was until I checked out. Um… I’ll know better than to wait until the last minute next year. Stella is adorable though! I love that first picture too 🙂

  3. I’m a 12 year old trapped in an old lady’s body…seriously I think of Halloween like it’s Christmas in my house….I’m weird…you by no means are weird for not being halloween nutso….I’m really the only one in my family who love LOVE LOVES it…my sister who has 3 boys hates it….To each their own…but OMG Stells looks sooooo freaking cute in that lion costume…SOOO CUTE! I love the family portrait at the end.

  4. Costco!!! Cheapest costumes ever!

    She’s adorable!!!!! We had a lil elephant in our house. I gotta admit, even if she was in it for only a few hours those pictures are going to be so fun to look at when she’s older 🙂

  5. Halloween is like Christmas to me too (like Sarah) – I actually prefer it to Christmas!

    Stella is too cute in that costume! I, too, am glad that your co-worker bought it for her.

    What will she be next year? 😉

  6. Um. SO very cute! Love the family pic Charlie took!

  7. She’s adorable! She looks like such a happy lion!

    I hear you about ridiculous prices on costumes. Last year we borrowed a costume for Ginny, and this year we were given three different hand-me-down costumes that I was thrilled to accept and will pass on to others (one was too small for Ginny and too big for Pip, one will fit Ginny next year, and one was just right for this year and will fit Pip next year). I grew up having to make my costumes, so I think that will be our plan for the future. So much more fun that way. 🙂

  8. Holy freakin cuteness

  9. That is awesome. Halloween is not really celebrated in oz although the shops are trying!!!

  10. johannarose · · Reply

    Yeah, before Fable, Halloween was, whatever. But dressing her up and this year, seeing Halloween through her eyes, it’s a whole new experience! Your little lion is adorable.

  11. I love it. I’m learning that sometimes the best memories come unplanned!

  12. So cute- and I looooove the teefers coming in on Stella. 🙂

  13. That was the perfect costume for Stella! I’m glad your coworker bought it. 😉

  14. Love it!! Lovelovelove it.

  15. Awww! She makes the cutest little lion!

  16. mcmissis · · Reply

    So worth it! She looks ADORABLE.

  17. She is a cute little lion!!!!!!!

  18. So cute .. and so proud of herself, too! That is one cuddly little lion.

  19. You’re co-worker is awesome. I can’t imagine missing the opportunity to see that cute face in a furry mane. Love it!

  20. lettherebesimsblog · · Reply

    Omg that costume is so freakin cute!!! Or I should say that Stella is the cute one 😉

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