A Tribute to TBD


I’ve only known your Mom for about six months, but boy, I already know that you are lucky to have her as your incubator. *see graphic above for a pretty great representation of what the two of you look like right now* See – you two fit perfectly together!

Your presence may have been a surprise to your Mom & Dad, but they were so unbelievably over-the-moon excited when they realized you were on your way. You are the best type of surprise, and I know you will continue to give your parents a run for their money.  Also, I bought you a little gift that I know you’re going to look quite dashing in, so make sure your Mommy takes a picture of you in it and sends it to me someday, okay?  🙂


Sarah, I am beyond blessed to have gotten thrown into the PAIL lifeboat together with you. Knowing you has changed my life, in the bestest of ways (kind of like what little TBD did to you!). Your empathy and kindness know no bounds, and I absolutely love that about you. The fact that I will actually get to give you a hug for the first time EVER within 24 hours of you reading this post – it makes my heart burst with excitement. Tonight’s gonna be a good night…

Congrats on your miracle baby – urban legends like you give hope to us all. 🙂


– Josey


  1. Awww! You get to SEE each other! That is very awesome. 🙂 Sending you both virtual hugs to your IRL hug-fest.

  2. Maaaaaaaaan…. I just wrote you this Christmas card of EMOTIONS, so I figured why not keep the good times rolling?!? Plus, I think Thanksgiving is rubbing off on me. DAMMIT.

    So… the teeny tiny diaper is KILLING ME. I keep leaving it out on the kitchen table, and BJB keeps putting it away. And I’m like “DUDE. Leave it out! It’s JUST for TBD and HGB can’t use it or even look at it! IT’S SPECIAL!!!!” And BJB’s like “YOU ARE GOING CRAZY!” and… I am using a lot of all caps. But now that you have met me, you can pretty much hear my voice right? Because I pretty much talk this way? In all caps? Can you even IMAGINE if I could use italics in comments?


    Thank you so much for this Jos. And for the super hippie onesie. I love it so much. I love that every time I use these things I will think of my friend in Colorado. Working with you over this past year has been wonderful. You have really helped me to find my voice and assert myself. Not just in blogging, but in my personal life too. Especially in my marriage – you’ve been a life saver (wife saver?) there! And the support you gave me when I first told you about TBD, and now with preparation for birthing… you are just a tremendous friend and I couldn’t make you up if I tried.

    Love you, girl.


    1. Italics AND ALL CAPS TALKING? You’re insane girl. 🙂

      Glad you like the diaper – it was so teeny tiny and adorable – I just couldn’t resist!
      The onesie is made by my friend Grant’s company, which I think is pretty awesome (childhood friend of my husband).

      So glad to have met you and gotten to know you through this little blogging world. ((HUGS))

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