Stella Times…49 Weeks

Dear Stella,

Not loving your first double ear infection. 🙁

This week has been a whirlwind for sure. First off, we spent Thursday-Sunday traveling to Chicago and back so that you and I could meet up with some blog friends and their children (btw – you were a ROCKSTAR traveler on your 4 flights last weekend!).
It was so fun to watch you playing with new toys and new friends for the past week. Most anything can be turned into a “cell phone,” and you hold it up to your ear and pretend to talk. It cracks me up every time! You also started saying MAMAMA finally, which is huge because you weren’t even saying that consonant sound before! You don’t say it with any regularity yet, but if you want something from me, you’ll often crawl over while chanting Mamamama now. So far I love it. 🙂

You also started to put things back INTO boxes this past week. That’s pretty huge, since the last couple of months I feel like I spend all of my time doing that, since you LOVE to empty boxes. It’s nice that you can now do both. LOL

Unfortunately, when we got home on Sunday night it was apparent you didn’t feel great, and you and I ended up spending Monday-Wednesday at home, since you were diagnosed with a double ear infection on Wednesday. 🙁

I hope you start feeling better really soon, my Bells. I ordered your invitations for your 1st Birthday party today, and realizing that you will be a one year old in just three short weeks just rocked my world. Wow.

I Love You,



  1. Poor Stella with her eat infection! 🙁 Really hoping it is gone soon.

    I cannot believe she will be 1 in three weeks!! How are our girls getting this old, this fast?! Slow the heck down already gals.

    LOVE the photo of her chatting on the cell phone. Adorable!!! I wonder if Alidia will ever learn this skill since I never talk on the phone? At least she’ll learn to type! 😉

    Yay for saying Mama(ma)!! 🙂

  2. Oh the first birthday… my heart aches just thinking about it. I hope Stella feels better soon. No fun at all!

    1. Court – you were the blogger who made the awesome cake topper, right?

      1. I wouldn’t say awesome, but yes… that was me. Want one? What’s the theme and colors?

        1. Hahaha. Theme. Ya right. Colors – Pink and Orange (and yellow, I guess? Or purple?). I”ll email you invite.

        2. Do! And please send your address! I will try to do it this weekend!

  3. Hi Josey,
    Thanks for visiting and following our blog. Stella is such a beautiful wee girl, and I am loving reading about her (and your) story. I love reading blogs like yours, but they distract a little from my resolve to travel before having kids!

    1. Hi Jo! I love that you are traveling around the world with your husband! I’m a HUGE lover of traveling – my husband not so much – so I did quite a bit of traveling with family and friends in my 20s whenever possible. Now I don’t as much because of Stella, but we still get out and about when we can!

      1. It seems to be a theme around blogs I have been reading lately – the wife loves to travel and the husband is less enthusiastic but tags along anyway. And we are definitely the same! Aaron even refers to it as ‘Jo’s trip’ sometimes.
        I’m sure Stella will love the little adventures you get to take her on, and maybe she will even get her mum’s travel bug (I got mine from my mum!).

  4. That first birthday is so tough…for Mama! But then they just keep getting so much cooler! Court will make a BEAUTIFUL cake topper…mad skillz that lady!

  5. Man, it sounds like many of the kids got sick after the trip! Wonder what that’s all about, just the travel, different schedule, lots of babies? Who knows. I hope she is feeling better. That picture of her with the phone up to her ear is so cute. And I ditto the cake topper, she made one for us too!

  6. Elizabeth · · Reply

    So sorry about the ear infections but how awesome is it that she did so well on your trip! And, 1 years old in 3 weeks? No way! Can’t be true.

  7. Oh Poor Thing! Double ear infection! I hope she’s better very soon!
    It just gets better and better my friend! The talking really starts to pick up after the first birthday. It will amaze you! I’m in shock daily with the new things Lola says! But nothing beats when she wakes up from a nap and I hear “Mommy?” come through the monitor! Love IT!

  8. Poor baby…hope she feels better soon!
    I can’t believe she is almost 1 already! Where does the time go??
    Lexi does the same thing with the phone – so cute!
    Yay for saying Mamama 🙂

  9. Where did this year go?!?! I’m so sorry about the ear infection…I really hope she’s feeling better soon! I can’t believe they’re going to be one….

    And so exciting about the MAMAMA!!! That has to warm your heart every time you hear it. Feel better Stella….

  10. I’ve been getting so excited about Stella turning one. How stalkerish is that?!?!? It’s just that the second year is truly amazing! Not that the first isn’t, of course, but you will just be in awe of her.

  11. I just can’t believe she is going to be one. That is crazy! She is just so cute!

  12. Another ear infection!! Babies 🙁

    I love the photo if the two of you she is totally posing for the camera!!

  13. Poor girl, hope she is feeling better soon! 1st birthday- I know, I know- omg. I love the phone pic and bet that will be the first of many. Have so appreciated being able to share this first year’s journey with you… can’t wait to see what toddler adventures await us:]

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