The Monday Snapsnot – Missing My Parents

My parents live 1,000 miles away (an 18 hr drive), but even with that kind of distance between us, we try to get together every three months or so, especially now that Stella is around. In the past year, they were able to be out here last Christmas right after Stella was born, we flew up to MN in March for Stella’s baptism, we flew back up to MN in August for wedding dress shopping with my little sis, and now my parents were supposed to drive out for Thanksgiving, because we aren’t headed back to MN until my sister’s wedding in February.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and looked at my phone, and my Mom had sent an email with the subject line “ER.”


So ya, after a midnight visit to the ER and some emergency testing, my Dad will be okay, but for now, he is in a lot of pain and the trip to Colorado is suddenly off the table.

Cue the tears.

Selfish tears, because I miss my parents and was excited to see them.
Sad tears, because my Dad is hurting, and that SUCKS.
Bummed out tears, because I know my parents miss Stella, and going 6 months without seeing her at this age is a LOT.


Last December, just a few days old!

I’m beyond thankful that Dad should be okay, but today I’m sad because my parents were supposed to be on their way out here, and instead my Dad is home in pain and my Mom is trying to be strong and not make him feel even worse about having to cancel this trip.

Life’s a bummer sometimes.



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  1. oh no! glad your pops is ok, but i’m so sorry you won’t be seeing your parents soon. 🙁 I hope they can reschedule and come out and see you and stells soon

  2. tears…tears…I’m so sad for all of you. I can’t imagine being so far from my parents. I’m so sorry about your dad…I hope he’s OK. It’s totally understandable to be sad….and it’s not selfish to be with your family. And those pictures of Stella with them makes my heart melt.

    BTW I think you look JUST like your mom….it’s the smile!

    Sending hugs!

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this Josey 🙁 Sorry to hear about your Dad and so glad he is okay. Hoping he will be just fine now. And also sorry that you aren’t going to get to spend Thanksgiving with your family as you hoped! 🙁 I know how tough it can be. My parents live so far away too and although now that Alidia is born, I will get to see them three times a year for their 3 winter visits, there is still a huge 7 to 8 month gap I won’t see them, which like you said, is a lot in a baby’s life! 🙁 I hope you still get to chat with them lots of Skype, phone, email over the holidays to make up for not being together in person.

  4. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Oh Josey, I am so sorry. I too am happy to hear that your Dad is going to be OK but sad for everyone that you you will not be together.

  5. Oh no! I”m glad your Dad is going to be okay. It’s tough when they are far away. I hope the next visit comes quickly.

  6. The disappointment stinks, but I hope the days at home will help your dad feel better…

  7. 🙁

    I’m sorry Josey!!! That sucks. Just sucks. I hope your dad feels better soon and that maybe another trip can be organized for soon. I know how much you were looking forward to seeing them.

  8. I know what you are saying, my parents live super far (WI) away and haven’t seen Aiden since July. I was super excited about them coming to visit at Thanksgiving, but my uncle had a stroke and they decided to stick close to home. I am super, super, super disappointed. I wanted them to see and play with Aiden. Hope your dad gets better soon and that you are able to do something fun with Stella to ease the pain of them not being there. We skype a few times a week with my parents and Aiden is loving getting to “talk” to them through that! 🙂

  9. I’m really sorry to hear this Jos, but more relieved to know that your Dad is okay. I hope you can sneak a visit in there somehow…you’ll find a way, I’m sure of it! Big hugs, friend. 🙂

    1. Ya, I’m super thankful he is okay as well. Unfortunately there is just no way I can take off more work before Feb and my parents are in the midst of building their new house (my dad is a builder) that they are hoping to move into before the wedding (my sis getting married and her fiance are buying their old house) so no last minute trips possible for either of us. 🙁

  10. I’m sorry 🙁 I’m sure they’re just as disappointed as you are. Isn’t funny to think about Stella thinking of you and C like this someday? You’re their baby, and they’re your mom and dad; it will always be OK (exactly right, even) that you miss them and count the days to seeing them next.

  11. sorry to hear that jos.

  12. oh… I can so feel your disappointment! I’m thankful that your dad is going to be okay, but it still sucks that the trip has to be cancelled. ((hugs))

  13. Life is a bummer sometimes. I’m sorry!

  14. So glad your Dad is going to be OK, but sad that you won’t get to see them for a while. Hope you will get to Skype and call to get a bit of time with them anyway.

    And I hate getting terrifying messages like that. My mum used to sometimes text asking if it would be OK for her to call. It freaked me out every time – just call if it’s not anything important! Luckily, it’s never been anything big.

  15. Booooo 🙁

  16. So sorry to hear about your dad and the fact they can’t visit. What a true bummer. But that last picture of Stella with your parents? OMG – it’s perfect.

  17. Oh Josey, I’m so sorry to read this. I can just imagine how upset you are that the plans of your parents coming in a matter of days has been changed abruptly. BUT I am glad your dad will be fine. How scary! Parents need to learn better ways of getting bad news to their kids, my dad is horrible at that. Use the crap out of Skype over the next few days so it’s better than nothing.

  18. I’m glad your dad is ok (and I know you are, too!) but it’s ok to be upset about it. We are not going home for Thanksgiving, his first bday (same day), or Christmas this year and it makes me so sad. I just hate it.

  19. The thing is, I actually thought about that “ER” in the subject line and it seemed kind of benign to me because my first sentence in the email made it clear Dad was going to be okay. But since all of you kids commented to me about that, clearly I misjudged! From now on if something like that was to happen again my subject line will read along the lines of “We are all OK” and then explain in the body of the email what is going on. 🙂 Live and learn! I woke up early this morning thinking how we should have been leaving the hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming about now….on our way to Colorado. sigh. My only consolation is that it’s been real clear that we made the right choice not to try and do this trip. Sure did want to cuddle with that baby, though, and smooch those little cheeks and sing her a lullaby; not to mention hugging her mama! I am ever so grateful for Skype. Could be worse.
    xxlove, your mama

  20. I;m sorry that does suck. I hope your Dad is feeling better and maybe they can schedule a trip before your sister’s wedding?

    I love that pic of them and Stella, so cute!

    I hope you still have a good Thanksgiving.

  21. I’m sorry. I’m glad that your dad is okay, but know that it sucks to be far away from family. (I used to live 3000 miles away from mine). Hope that you are still able to enjoy Thanksgiving!

  22. That is a scary email to receive indeed. I’m so glad your dad will be okay but can understand how disappointed you must feel about the holidays – what a letdown.

  23. I AM A TERRIBLE FRIEND. I left this page open, along with several other Snapshot posts, for nearly a WEEK intending to respond and I have not asked you once all week how your dad was doing! Is he any better now!? Ugh, I’m so sorry! It sucks that you won’t see them for a while now 🙁

    1. Mom said that he finally turned a corner on Friday and has started to feel a little better. He spent a solid week in horrid pain though. 🙁 We’ll see them for my sister’s wedding Feb 2nd – 6 full months between visit. Too long!

  24. I hear you on this one!! My mom had a big scare earlier this year and was in the hospital for a while. When my sister called the first thing out of her mouth was, “Everyone is ok, but…” It helps, but it doesn’t eliminate the nerves. It’s a reminder of the distance between you all and that is just plain TOUGH. Glad to hear he’s doing better now!

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