The Monday Snapsnot – Broncos Edition

I’m a Vikings girl at heart since I was Minnesota born and raised, but now that I’ve lived in Colorado for eight years, I figured it was time to support the local team as well. Besides, Stella looks great in blue!

Go Broncos!


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  1. We almost had the wi…who am I kidding, I’m talking about the Chefs here. She sure is a cute Broncos cheerleader!

  2. Awe, too cute!

  3. She does look terrific in navy! She is a cute little cheerleader – maybe there are flips and basket tosses in her future 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, this is adorable!!! 🙂 Cutest little broncos fan I’ve ever seen, that is for sure.

  5. So cute and I am a Colts fan, but now that number 18 is with your team, I also love them!

    Avery was almost a Peyton, but we changed our minds last minute, because the Kentucky accent for Peyton would be awful sounding. And hey, that is where we live now, so you gotta adapt!

    And she does look good in blue!

  6. So cute! I have an eerily similar photo coming this week for the Weekly Wednesdsy Photo 🙂

  7. I hopped on the Manning bandwagon, except of course when they play my beloved Bears….ps sorry about the vikings loss yesterday…Stella definitely rocks that cheerleader uniform 🙂 Blue is definitely better than purple in my mind. (again, Bears fan here :P)

  8. I don’t understand any of those (football) words… hehehe! 🙂

    But Stella looks GREAT in navy, and I love the new header photo!!!

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  10. Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I whole-heartedly appreciate her wearing any other color aside from purple:) Although she could probably pull it off, still looking cute.

  11. Beyond adorable! Thanks for your comments today. 🙂

  12. Soooo cute and she looks like she is giving two thumbs up:]

  13. Such a cutie!!! We’re sporting the purple and yellow around here still! 🙂 We’ll have Firecracker say a cheer for you when she gets old enough!

  14. She sure does look good in blue. Love her pose. I feel like she’s ready to throw a yellow flag. OFFSIDES!!

  15. She is just sooo adorable!

  16. Super cute! And as a former Colts fan (back when I lived there), I definitely approve 😀

  17. Adorable! And she DOES look great in blue!

  18. Suuuuch a cute outfit!!! I like the new header pic of you three too!

  19. She DOES look great in blue! Too cute!

  20. lettherebesimsblog · · Reply

    Stella looks beautiful in every picture but this one is truly stunning!! Love love love!

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