WWW & a Buttternutt Squash Soup Recipe

I am pleased to report that I had reasonable success with not binge eating on Thanksgiving (yay!). I had a few too many beers I suppose, but it is probably the first and only time I remember NOT eating too much on this particular holiday, so that’s a big WIN. Thanks so much to Amanda for checking in on me throughout the day to keep me on track. I really do appreciate it hon. 🙂 We had a nice dinner around 1pm, and then from 2pm-8pm sat around talking, laughing, drinking and playing board games with my in-laws and three of our friends who came up to join us for the day. SOOO much fun.

I’ve also had a pretty good week exercise-wise. Since starting the 30 Day Shred last Tuesday, I’ve done 5 workouts in 8 days. Not bad for being sick on Monday (another sinus infection -boo!). Thankfully the video is slowly getting easier. Phew. I’ve also gotten out and about on a couple of walks, and I’m planning on going to spin class tonight with one of my girlfriends. It feels good to be trying to get back on track here with my fitness goals. Only 66 days left until my little sister’s wedding! PS – Emma, when are our bridesmaid dresses coming in? I need to see how much I need to lose to fit into my dress. EEK!

Last night I made a delicious Butternut Squash Soup with Sage with some butternut squash we had leftover from Farmer’s Market. It got it from Skinny Taste, and I love that she includes both WW info and regular calorie breakdown for her recipes. My husband loved it too – he couldn’t believe it when I told him it was a healthy recipe. 🙂 I made a double batch, and I figure anything we don’t eat in the next day or two I’ll put in the freezer to pull out in a couple of weeks when I’m not up for cooking. Perfect! I’m also thinking of using it to make this risotto instead. Mmmm…..

I hope you all did well with your eating and drinking this past week. The holiday season can be difficult, but it ‘s SUCH a good feeling to wake up feeling healthy and strong and not bloated and hungover. 🙂


  1. Butternut squash is my new favorite thing!!

  2. Mmmm I love butternut squash soup!! I am going to make this sometime in the next week. I had an old recipe but it wasn’t healthy so this one is much better! Thank you for sharing.

    Great job on not going overboard with eating over Thanksgiving!! It is definitely tough to resist. I did pretty well too. No seconds, but I did have a bit too much dessert! :/ And like you, a few too many drinks but hey, we can’t be perfect right?! 😉

  3. Sounds like you had a great week! Way to go!!

  4. I have been loving my 12 week challenge. Will have to update you!

    1. Err gee chon a bit of support for Josey!!!! GOOD WORK 😉

  5. Holidays are HARD on healthy eating habits! I did okay myself on Thanksgiving, and ended up losing 4 lbs that week (buh?– I think a little artificial “gain” the week before inflated the numbers because, no) but it took a Weight Watchers meeting, sitting down with my mom to get the nitty-gritty on the ingredients of dinner the day before, planning out all my food, taking my food scale… work, man! work!

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    YUM! That risotto looks incredible! And it sounds like you did WAY better with Thanksgiving than I did! 😉

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