LMAO. Oh my gosh, this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Chandra’s daughter’s name is also Stella Joan, so she’s obviously cool, though I am not nearly as funny as her. Check out this post. You won’t regret it. 🙂

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So this all started with a chicken. No, not my chickens, that in itself is another post. But to fully appreciate the conversation I had with my dear, dear husband, you have to know the entire story.

So the chicken. A few weeks ago one of my bloggy friends sent me a link to another blogger’s post. People, I have not laughed so hard, I was crying. CRYING hysterically laughing. I of course then shared this blog post with everyone I could. Including my good friend Linds. Linds had the same reaction, hysterical laughing. But before I continue, to understand the rest of my post you MUST go read this post, it is VITAL to you understanding. Warning, there is a smattering of mature language, so if you can’t handle it, just stop right here. Here is the post:


(Ok, did you read it? If not, here are…

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  1. OMG it was freaking hilarious….the bloggess’s original post has spawned hilarity all around!


  2. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Very funny! It would be so funny to send a huge animal to a friend like that. And the BIG chicken! Even better! I love that post sooooooo much!


  3. I had actually read that a while back and I still think it is hilarious!


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