The Monday Snapshot – 1 yr old Pics Edition!

Yesterday we headed up to the ski town about 45 minutes over to get some family pics / 1 year old pics taken by my good friend Nicky. Stella was being a stinker and NOT cooperating with smiles (a short morning nap will do that to ya *sigh*), but we still got a few cute ones. I’ll be posting more of them on her actual birthday, but here’s a sneak peak!



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  1. Adorable….

  2. Aww, she is so cute. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Mrs Sunnyside Up · · Reply

    I cannot believe she is going to be ONE!
    Where did the time go?

    We need fairy dust, so we can slow down the growing up too fast process..

  4. Very sweet! I love her sweater!

    1. Thanks – it’s a little sweater-dress that I found in one of our hand-me-down bags!

  5. So cute, happy birthday Stella. BTW she looks exactly like her Dad!!!!

  6. She is so stinking cute! I can’t believe we are coming up on a year!!!

  7. She does look an awful lot like her daddy! But your smile for sure. 🙂 Wow, one already! Amazing how fast it goes, right?!

  8. What a doll!! 🙂 I still can NOT believe little Stella is going to be one. It blows my mind. Can’t wait to see more photos on her actual birthday!

  9. Oh man, that pic is gorgeous! I can’t believe she is going to be one either! That’s crazy!

  10. Miss Mac · · Reply

    Where did our little babies go? So close to the big day and I’m getting all emotional because I remember a comment from you that said something similar to “I’m two days ahead of you… master the latch” and now, well you definitely mastered the latch and here we are a year later! I have been so grateful to share all these firsts with you. Told ya, emotional, geez. Can’t wait to hear about the celebration! She is absolutely beautiful.

    1. I was right too – get that damn latch down and it goes a LONG way towards a happy BFing experience! 🙂

      What a great year we’ve had together watching our kiddos grow up.

  11. one year – oh man!!! she is just gorgeous.

  12. Oh man. I suddenly want a lady baby!

  13. cutie!!!!

  14. Oh my word, that looks like a postcard! Happy birthday, pretty girl!

  15. Eeeeek! She’s gorgeous!! I love her sweater! And, yes, she looks SO big!!

  16. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Oh yes, trying to get a decent pic, when you want, and the baby not cooperating….I get that!

    Her sweater is gorgeous…

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