Stella Times…52 Weeks

My Bells,

wk52 copy

Hanging out on the very first fabric I bought just for your weekly photo shoots. Not bad for 52 weeks in, right? Hopefully I will have this turned into a present for you in two days as well!

This makes me cry. Your final weekly photo shoot. Wow. How in the heck are you nearly one year old already?

I’m going to try to write a synopsis of sorts for your actual birthday, but I can’t help but reflect today on what an amazing year we have had with you in our lives, and how you really are no longer a baby anymore.

You belly laugh at me and your Dad. We never know what will strike your funny bone. 🙂
You attempt to have conversations with anyone that will listen.
You take independent steps whenever you aren’t thinking about it.
You kiss (and blow kisses) on occasion, though normally your cheek is offered.
You love music.
You mimic everything we do.

IMG_6238 copy

Chillin’ with Dad

IMG_6259 copy

Crazy hair after bath time. 🙂

IMG_6342 copy

Trying to get a shot for your final monthly photo!

IMG_6353 copy

You’d rather read than take pictures. I love it.

Today I took the day off of work, and I’m busy planning your first birthday party for Saturday. How surreal.

Love you forever and always.



  1. Happy happy birthday to your sweet Stella! Gosh I feel like you were just posting her first photo, how can a year have already passed? I’m glad you were able to take the day off work, are you spending it with her, or just busy party planning? Have a wonderful time on Saturday – I’m sure it will be just perfect!

    1. She is home with me this morning (Napping right now) and Grandma is taking her for the afternoon so I can run to the store, etc. Her actual birthday is on Saturday the 8th, and we’ll definitely be spending the whole day together then!!

  2. Happy Birthday Stella!! I can’t believe she is a one already.

  3. Can you believe it? It still amazes me how fast this year has gone by. When someone asks how old Raegan is, I cringe a little inside saying “ONE.” Stella is so amazingly beautiful. She’s becoming a little girl with personality to shine through. I can’t wait to see her pictures from her party on Saturday…Happy early birthday Stells!

  4. Wow, I can’t believe this is the final week!! I have absolutely loved watching Stella grow throughout this year (and even before) and have loved seeing her weekly Stella Times in my reader. She always puts a huge smile on my face and has become such a little girl in the past few months. It sounds like she is just an absolute joy and you have so many amazing years ahead with this girl. Love her!! 🙂 She is gorgeous! Happy early birthday baby girl.

  5. Gah – I’ve been here following all 52 pictures. Happy (almost) birthday, Stella.

    And to the last picture… “goodnight kittens. and goodnight mittens.”

  6. moonstone · · Reply

    Don’t cry. . .you have the most amazing year ahead, honestly!! 1-2 years is my favourite stage, esp 18-24 months. Welcome to toddlerville!!

    M x

  7. Happy Birthday Stella!!!!

    I love that you are going to make that fabric into a gift for her! How special!

  8. manymanymoons · · Reply

    What a year…I can’t believe it. Happy Birthday Stella!

  9. mcmissis · · Reply

    Happy almost birthday, Little Lady! The next year is absolutely incredible.

  10. Happy Birthday Stella! She’s so adorable… 😉

  11. This makes me sad too 🙁 They grow up so fast…. too fast.

    Enjoy her party – you’ll have a great time! And take it from me – assign someone else to take photos of the whole thing so you can focus on Stella!

  12. She just gets cuter everyday. I can’t believe its almost been a year.

  13. Elizabeth · · Reply

    1 already!?! Holy cow! She is so beautiful & looks SOOOOO much like your husband.

  14. Happy birthday, pretty girl!

  15. Oh, my gosh. Her photo shoot – is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love every expression and could never pick just one fav. That girl is MONEY in front of the camera. 😉

    I can’t believe it’s already been one year. Stella is my first baby to be born on infertility blogs that I follow, and she’ll always be so special to me for that reason. She gave me so much hope when I was down, such a special miracle.

    And a huge congrats to you on your darling one year old, for doing natural childbirth 1 year ago, and raising her so strong and healthy this past year, and for keeping up with her weekly updates. Wow! Impressive, lady!!

    Have a great party Stells! Try not to cry too much mommy! 😉

  16. I can not believe one!!

  17. Wow! A year! How time flies. It’s so amazing that you have this record of every week. Happy birthday, Stella!

  18. Happy belated birthday to stella and birth day to you 🙂 Sorry I’ve been mia, was in vegas, prepping to go to vegas, and all that. So neat that Stells is walking now! Can’t believe it’s been a whole YEAR!!!

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