The Monday Snapshot – 1st Snow Edition

We finally got a couple inches of snow early Sunday morning, though not nearly what we need to get anywhere near the normal averages around here. After a dry winter last year, we are really hurting for moisture here in the mountains, so everyone is praying for a lot of snow this year in order to reduce the fire danger. Meanwhile, my parents in MN already have 15″ from this storm and (as of Sunday evening) it’s still snowing. Crazy!

This is obviously the first time Stella has ever really experienced snow, and she loved it. We finally went inside just because I was getting cold – she was happy as a clam crawling around. She was wearing the new hat and mittens that her Nana (Charlie’s Mom) got her for her birthday yesterday. Damn she’s cute. 🙂


IMG_6561 copy


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  1. Hi Stella! Your mommy is a trooper – my idea of cold weather fun is drinking hot chocolate under a comforter.

  2. We desperately need snow here too. So far, it’s not looking like we will have a white Christmas. 🙁 It’s only snowed twice, and only an inch both times… Stella looks like she is enjoying the outdoors!

    1. Fingers crossed for good snowfall! The last two winters for us we’ve finally had good rain. But then it generally means worse bushfire time because of all the new growth. Can’t win. She is a peach!

  3. Love that last pic!

  4. Snow baby! How fun!! This weather is freaking me out. It was so warm here yesterday. Where is winter? How amazing to experience snow for the first time and have such great pics of it!

  5. How fun! I’m hoping for ONE good snow this year so we can get pictures of Chloe with it too (we didn’t get any last year b/c we had no snow!) But after that, I’m good if we stay dry the rest of the winter. Can’t wait to hear updates on her party!!!

  6. OH I WANT SNOW!!!! It’s killing me this complete lack of snow…I’m jealous of you and those in MN who are reveling in all that white stuff!!! I have boots, and mittens and hats and a snow suit! I want to go sledding…oh yeah I have all that for Raegan too. I love the pictures….hope you get lots and LOTS of snow and send it my way, PLEASE!?!

    Love these pics!

  7. Oh, my. Adorable! I’m jealous of your pure white clean snow. Every time it snows here, I’m reminded of how many dogs live in our neighborhood – yuuuuuck!

  8. Oh my, Stella loves her snow!

    I will wish for snow for you too – I know it’s been so dry there, here, and everywhere. I do not like snow, but we are hoping for lots this year to help out the farmers. Are you high enough in the mountains that wild fires are a serious threat? I would think so – but I don’t really know.

    I will not be showing these photos to B. That is all. 😉

    1. Yeah, fire danger has been pretty high here lately – thank God we were the one area of CO that did NOT burn last summer. It’s 7,000′ here in town, and all around us it’s 8-9k’ with peaks up to 14k (highest concentration of 14,000’+ peaks in North America!). So yes, we could really use the moisture – it’s been scary dry out here.

  9. I am jealous of your snow! G has received so many snow suits, coats, and hats that I’m sure show will not make an appearance this year 🙂

    I’m glad that Stella had a great time in it!!

  10. SNOW!! It’s so awesome that she loved her first snow. Mira would probably freak out. :/ I’m amazed seeing the pictures on Fbook of the snow in Minnesota. My dad says that they’re supposed to have something like 80 inches over the course of the winter. I hope some of that heads your way!

  11. Sooooo jealous of your snow!!!!! It looks like Stella is having such a blast and she looks adorable in her new hat and mittens. I hope someday Alidia will get to have fun in the snow too! 🙂

  12. Darn cute indeed! She matches her cake!

  13. elizabethkbaker · · Reply

    So, so cute! I’m so jealous- today was the first day it even got below 70 degrees here! Enjoy that snow!

  14. Love these!! Would you believe we’re driving up one of the local mountains on Wednesday to try to get some of these shots because we’re just being drowned in rain as usual!

  15. She looks just like your husband!!

  16. Oh, I’m terribly jealous of the snow and the mountains!!

  17. I kind of miss the snow and cold. NEVER thought I’d say that. Like ever.

    Where the heck did this year go??

  18. The first picture pretty much melts my heart into a slushy puddle. Yup.

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