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Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks PostpartumSo I’m back on My Fitness Pal. Two years ago I was able to lose 20# by eating right (which I kept on track by using MFP) and by moving my body. It’s rocket science, right?

At 6w postpartum last January, I had lost 25# and was back down to 161# (my BFP weight), though obviously I had some toning to do. I got down to 155# (and was feeling pretty great)…and then slowly have let my weight creep back up over the past year. My damn scale sucks and gives me readings all over the board anymore, but I’m thinking I weigh around 163# right now. GAH!

My little sister’s wedding is on February 2nd (Groundhog Day!), which is only 7 1/2 weeks away. Normally I keep my weight loss goals to 1# per week, but since I’m no longer freaked about affecting my milk supply, and I really want to feel better about myself by the time I’m in all of those pictures at the wedding, I’ve set my MFP thingy to 1.5#/week, which would get me to roughly 152# by the time of her wedding – officially my lowest weight of my adult life (which I also reached back in May of 2010) and a weight I feel really good and healthy at – especially if I’m toned at that weight.

*Side note – remember that I’m 5’8″ and a medium build. 152# is a nice, healthy weight for me that I know I look and feel good at, and it’s not too difficult to maintain with a healthy lifestyle.

I pulled out my workout “schedule” from 2009, and holy shit – I had so much time to work out. I did between 30-90 minute workouts 6 days per week, and snowboarding on Saturdays. HA. That’s not exactly realistic now, but I did want to create a modified workout calendar to get me motivated again. It has to be realistic based on days I’m at work (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri), family coming into town for Christmas, etc…but I think the schedule below is one I can stick to. As I see how it’s all going, I’ll work on January’s calendar as well and post that on the 1st of the year I guess.

DecWorkoutsWish me luck! 🙂



  1. Good luck! I got up to 192 when I was pregnant, and I’m at 158 now. I’d really, REALLY like to hit 150 for our vacation in March. I had gotten a lot of momentum and was able to drop several pounds, but I’ve lost my way a bit (I’m eating chocolate as I type this…). I need to get re-energized after Christmas – maybe your blog can help motivate me!

  2. I do the same thing with workouts. I create a plan. It really helps keep me motivated and focused. Also, I read a research article that noted that people that go to the gym without a plan do less and leave sooner. Good to plan! Best of luck!

  3. She picked a perfect day to get married 😉 (of course in biased cause that’s my birthday!) good luck with your goals!! I like schedule.

  4. Rock that out Josey! Go you!

    I’ve been eating a lot less, and have lost about 10 pounds from my post baby weight and 20 down from my BFP weight.

    1. Nice! Way to go, Julia! 20# is enough to feel SO much better about oneself (at least iMO).

  5. Luck!

    1.5 pounds a week is totally do-able. You go and DO IT!

  6. Um, MFP looks a Lot like BFP when you’re scanning through a feed.

    1. You wouldn’t believe how fast I clicked that link! 🙂

      1. LMAO. Nice Sheelah. 🙂 No BFP over here!

  7. good luck! It is so much more difficult to find time to work out with a kid. I’m trying to keep to 2-3 yoga workouts and 2-3 runs a week, but i feel like i’m just stable at this point. a little frustrating!

  8. You can do it!!!! Wow, your sister’s wedding is getting close. I remember when you first mentioned it and it seemed a long way off. But still, you CAN do it!! And no matter what you are going to look awesome and have such a good time. Setting an exact schedule is a good plan. Good luck to you! 🙂

  9. […] 4 weeks ago at 163#, I posted with some grand aspirations of being healthy and active through the holidays while using MFP to keep myself accountable and lose some weight before my sister’s wedding. Well, I pretty much sucked ass at that. Actually, I did great the first week, but for the last three weeks I’ve done nothing but overindulge in food and drink. […]

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