The Monday Snapshot – B&W Edition

Lately the weirdest part of my days home with Stella is when she wakes up from her morning nap and I give her a bottle. It’s just… odd… since I’m so used to breastfeeding. At least it gives me plenty of chances for cute photo ops of her and the dog in their matching black and whites. 🙂 The last pic is her disgestif (aka a Ritz cracker).

IMG_6739 copy

IMG_6720 copy

IMG_6696 copy


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  1. That last picture is adorable!! She looks so much like her daddy.

  2. She is so cute!! And I agree – she looks like her daddy so much!!!

  3. Cute leg warmers! I love when little babies have all their fingers stretched out like she does in that first picture. Gosh, I feel like I can’t call these kiddos little babies anymore. 🙁

    1. Thanks! My neighbor made her a bunch of leggings for her birthday. 🙂 It’s great to be able to put her in dresses again, even though it’s winter. Sunday was a stay-at-home day, so it was perfect!

  4. Oh my goodness, look at her at her matching doggie…. and that last one is ADORABLE!! 🙂

  5. Awe, look at that face, she is just so sweet.

  6. I love how its clearly freezing outside and she’s rocking her summery dress!

  7. love the last pic and the shot of the dog since I don’t think I’ve ever seen him.:)

    1. Chief! Stella’s favorite person(dog). 🙂 He’s a rescue dog we get maybe 6 years ago? 3/4 border collie, 1/4 Australian shepherd we think. A bit neurotic, but cute, and he and Stella get along famously.

  8. I am SOOOO jealous of the snow and the wintery weather.

    Stella looks adorable as always. Those leggings are so cute…I seem to be some sort of a penguin kick…can’t get enough of them…I think Raegan has added at least 5 new penguin themed clothing items in the last week….

  9. Oh, her leggings are so darling. She’s so freakin’ cute! Those smiles!

    How cozy and wintery is your house!? The snow is gorgeous!

  10. Love the smile in the last picture.

  11. LOVE the second pic! We have so many like that here 🙂 and McMister would be so envious of your dog! He loves those kind!

    Does Stella drink out of a sippy cup at all? Maybe it wouldn’t seem as weird if you gave her the milk in that?

    1. She’s only had water out of the sippy cup so far (and she chokes and spills constantly b/c she drinks so damn fast). We were thinking that when we switched to cow’s milk during the day next month we’ll switch to a real cup for it.

  12. Love the smile, the apertif, the snow, and the leggings!

  13. Well. Now I have “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King in my head. Again. Some more. Because dude? Those leggings are “Pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom!” HAHAHAHA!

    She knows it too!

    1. Why? I mean, honestly, did you REALLY have to put that song in my head again? Really??? (and a few more for good measure… “?????????????????”)

  14. Love the dress. so yes, I have a new home AGAIN…had to make a correction. Please follow me at

  15. Cuuuute! We loved our Baby Legs leg warmers around here, but then the girls got to chunked up to wear them anymore. 😉 Border collie and australian shepherd? Yah, that dog doesn’t have any energy to burn or anything <—-sarcasm to the utmost power

    1. Same problem here – too chunky for baby legs. These handmade ones are great though!

      Ya, dog is insane.

  16. Okay, I saw this at like 4am my time (mmm teething…so much fun) and meant to comment then but screaming prevented that.

    I LOVE that she’s walking around with her bottle! Feeding K lately has been a gong show. She won’t lie still, crawls all over me, bounces on me, backflips, wants to feed herself (yet can’t quite yet) and just wants to stand and drink. Stella is like my go to kiddo to see what’s going to happen in the next month for us. YAY for bottle on the go. Don’t get me wrong…I miss my cuddles in the nursery chair but man she just WON’T LIE STILL!

    Crap she’s cute 🙂

  17. It is weird, isn’t it? I haven’t given my girls a bottle in forever but the last few times I did were long after I stopped pumping regularly, and it was like… oh…. the bottle isn’t way bigger than your face anymore!

  18. Those are the cutest leggings ever!!!! Bottle feeding is heartbreaking, but freeing at the same time. I had a hard time at first but quickly fell in love with the freedom, and so did Matthew!

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