BFing in Public

A friend of mine just posted this article on Facebook which led me to watch the video below. I seriously laughed out loud because it was so true. SOO so true (though it only took me about a month and not a 2nd kid to realize it was SO much easier to feed Stella without the damn cover). Way to go Luvs. 🙂


  1. LOL I love it. I fucking hate using a nursing cover. It’s difficult to use but I’m scared not to, because Alex is such a distracted nurser. He’s always unlatching to look all over, meanwhile leaving my entire breast exposed. Yikes.

  2. Love it!! 🙂 But agree with wildrumpus… Alidia is all over the place. If anyone speaks, she HAS to look at them and smile and then may go on and off a thousand times to look around so it is tough, but I do a mix of covered and not depending where I am. Seated in middle of restaurant – covered…. corner of restaurant – uncovered.

  3. I had to use a cover IN THE HOSPITAL because my dad and other male family members would come to visit and it was NEVER at a time when I wasn’t nursing. I HATED IT. I appreciate the friend who gave it to me, and sent it away to a nice home. GOOD RIDDANCE.

    I love that commercial! Heading into the kitchen with my computer to show Husband now 😀

  4. I saw that a few weeks ago and LOVED it! I’m still too shy to nurse in public without one, but luckily(?) we’ve been able to work around Lyla eating in private ever since we got out of the eating every 10 minutes stage 🙂 Pretty much every other aspect of parenting, though, it fits right along with for me and my second.

  5. I don’t have a problem with mom’s breastfeeding in public. I’m too shy to think about doing it without a cover for myself, I got a really pretty cover as a shower gift and plan to use it from the beginning so both me and Seedling are just used to it. But if you’ve got the confidence to do it without a cover, doesn’t bother me. I just wish all women would feel more confident about the simple truth that breastfeeding is natural!

    1. I never saw myself as someone who would BF without a cover…then I realized how much harder it was to use them, (we also used them from the beginning – and it really doesn’t make them hate them any less) and I was actually way more discreet without it. I’d ways have on dbl shirts of the same color – a nursing cami under and a shirt over, so I could pull one up and one down and nobody was the wiser – it definitely wasn’t as obvious as the lady in the video *grin*

      I’m curious if your feelings on this will change in the next few months like mine did!

  6. happyhopefuls · · Reply

    “She’s already ordered…” hilarious.

  7. Ha! Nursing camis are the bomb. I bought a bunch at Target when I was in Boston, and this January I will buy them at Target THAT IS OPENING HERE!!!! Woooooot!

    Um, what? Yeah. I have never used a cover. Maybe a scarf here and there if I was at an odd angle in a chair/table/booth or whatever, but I don’t own one. I don’t believe I have ever “whipped a boob out” as folks like to say! (Which, in Ontario, women can be legally topless, just like a man, but I digress). ANYWAY, I think nursing covers are just dandy if it keeps the mum (and baby) feel comfortable BFing in public. It bugs me when people think women *should have to*… but that’s a whole other kettle of fish!

    I’m not going to lie though… I think those toques that look like nipples are freaking hilarious. Have you seen those?

    1. Ha, I had to look up the word toques. Yes, I’ve seen the nipple beanies – pretty damn funny. 🙂

      1. I hereby revoke your “almost Canadian” status! 🙂

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