A Shift

Lanie reminded me yesterday that I never posted anything about Stella’s birthday party recap, and that reminded me that I hadn’t really explained to y’all a little shift that will be going on around here. As part of my ongoing effort at finding “balance,” and also out of a desire to keep my family more in the loop, I’ve decided to move more of the Stella update-type posts over to my family blog and start posting here a little less. I thought about taking the step to merge the two, but there is so much on here that I don’t necessarily want all of my IRL friends and coworkers to read that I decided against it.

Okay, honestly, I still want a place to vent about my in-laws and feel hurt about friends’ accidental pregnancies and talk about my EWCM if we start TTC again. Sound about right?

So yeah, there’s that. Also, a lot of the day-to-day stuff I think it’s more important that my extended family gets the opportunity to see, and since only my Mom and sisters read this blog, I decided it was time to do more updating on the family blog. I’m not going to cross post everything, so if you care to see more of the miscellaneous Stella updates, feel free to pop on over and follow my family blog. Otherwise, expect the same stuff over here that you’ve grown to know and love – talk about my beer belly, my jealousy of people I love, my frustrations with random shit, and other random thoughts about life. πŸ™‚ I’ll still post miscellaneous Stella pics – just not as often as before.

A quick shout out to Courtney for theΒ gorgeous cake topper she made for Stella’s birthday cake, since I didn’t post about that here. Check out more pics of that epic disaster here! IMAG3339


  1. I know you often post Stella related things over there, (but only check it when you link up so I don’t feel like a stalker πŸ™‚ but I figured your cheap version of therapy friends were trying to respect your personal space over there by not following, so there wouldn’t be any way to track down this blog through that one. In case someone clicked on a comment, etc. I still feel a little uncomfortable about commenting or following over there since it seems set up for family. Do you want us to follow anonymously?

    I’m so glad you said somehing though! I can’t not follow Stella after a year of watching her grow. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Nah, it’s fine. Most of my extended family is not internet savvy enough to even think of doing that (plus they don’t know I have a private blog, so it’s not like they’re looking for it anyway). And honestly, if they do find it at this point, I’m honored they care enough to look I guess. πŸ™‚ I don’t want this blog googleable by randoms in my life, but it’s also not super private either, so I’m not too concerned. Thanks for checking though. πŸ™‚

      PS – I’m still hoping you have that baby tomorrow on Stella’s due date!!! C’mon little lady!

    2. Word

  2. Ha ha – thanks for the shout out! That topper is my favorite one I’ve done so far – I loved your colors!

    I’ll peek in at Stella on your other blog every once in a while. I went out to check out her birthday photos and it sure looks like you guys had a great time!!!

  3. Sounds totally right!! I am always up for a discussion and analysis on ewcm!

  4. I’m a huge lurker! Love your blog! I just wanted to say that I hopped on over to your family blog and Stella’s invitation (which is adorable) had your full address and phone number on it. Would not think you want a bunch of Internet strangers to know that!

  5. I knew you had a family blog, but like it was said before, I kept away and if I did hop over there it was from a link here. I never commented, just in case…Good to know where to find the updates on Stella from here on out πŸ™‚ I’ve loved watching her grow over the past year…especially because she’s so close in age to Raegan…

  6. Will definitely be following your family one (I am now) as I cannot go without Stella updates!!! Glad you are keeping both though because I also love the TMI stuff. I was just about to comment over there but realized… should I?? Or no comments? I wasn’t going to say anything related to this other blog of course but worried if you wanted to be really private, someone could track this blog down through going to mine, then one of your comments… if they were that bored and snoopy. Just want to check anyway!! But was going to say on the knee walking post….

    My goodness, these are adorable….. and that dress/tunic!!!! Where did you get it? I’m inlove. Her looks seriously remind me of Alidia. They need to hang out! πŸ™‚

  7. I did exactly the same thing– made a separate, family-only blog. Except I couldn’t figure out how to keep my WP profile private (ie, how to be sure that someone looking at my profile wouldn’t see both blogs) because I didn’t want any crossover, I wanted my IF blog for IF blog friends and my family blog for family and very, very few people to see both, so I made it on Blogger. But guess what happens when you have IF blog friends on both WP and Blogger? Yup– half of my comments come through the wrong blog and I have to panic and hastily delete them! So I shut it down until I figure out what to do.

    It’s hard to balance both spaces and have TIME to blog in both!

    1. This is what I was talking about the other day with having them linked to different emails. I have my family blog linked to my regular email (and I follow people through my google reader for Non-IF stuff), and I do all family blogging/commenting from IE. I have this blog linked to my “mycheapversion” email (as well as my “mycheapversion” blogger reader) and do all of my IF blogging/commenting from Google Chrome. That way there’s no mix-up back and forth. I hope that helps you!

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