I started taking myo-inositol today.

I first read about this at No Baby Ruth, and then read more over at Return to Go. It seems to have a lot of similar effects as metformin on PCOS patients, and I decided why the hell not. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m down to nursing 2x/day (morning and night), and still no AF. I’m not concerned about it yet, but I would like to see what the hell my cycles will be like post-partum, and so I decided to see if I can help get the show on the road.

I ordered the generic from Amazon, but I just realized I could get Pregnitude from here (in pre-measured packets that include folic acid), so I think I’ll go with that when/if I reorder.

In the meantime, I looked into my old records to see what a few of my hormone levels were while TTC#1. I don’t have the results from my RE (I’m going to ask for those next week now that I realized I don’t have them), but when I went to my OB at about 6 months TTC when I was realizing my cycles were all fucked up, he ordered a few tests. I just pulled them out, and he did the testing onย Day 100 of my cycle. WTF? Why did my OB even order the tests then? How could he have known a DAMN THING about what my body was/wasn’t doing normally with test results from CD100 during an anovulatory cycle?? This makes me really curious what the CD3 test results were a year later from my RE.

At any rate, in March 2010, the following tests were:

Testosterone – 47 ย (reference range 8-60)
M DHEAS – 218 ย (reference rangeย 44-332)
M PROLACTIN – 5 (reference range 3-27)
TSH R-T3T4 – 2.072 (reference range 0.55-4.78)

All in the normal range, but again, does it tell you much of anything to test these things on Day 100 of an anovulatory cycle?

Also, I saw in the notes that my RE sent a request for a progesterone level ck on day 3 (my OB never told me this so it was never done). GAH.

At any rate, we decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t even think about TTC until after my sister’s wedding in February (Stella will be 14 months old then). Even now, we’re not sure if we want to “try” again soon (mind you, it’s not like we’ve ever been preventing), or just see if I can keep from going crazy and just ‘go with the flow’ for a few years. Part of me wants to get this whole TTC world behind me, and if that means starting TTC#2 up now to hopefully either (1) get another kid, or (2) decide we’re done with it, then so be it. The other part of me thinks it’d be nice to have a few years between kids (ideally, 3-4 years)…but the IFer side of me laughs at words like “ideally” — so yeah, who the hell knows.

For now, I’m hoping the myo-inositol gets something working in my reproductive system, and I’m hoping that my emotional side can stay chill and give my body a couple (months? years?) to get things on track.

Maybe we’ll only have Stella. Maybe we’ll get blessed with an easy #2. ย We really can’t afford treatment for #2, so who knows? For now, I’m back on a supplement in regards to TTC, and it feels…weird.


  1. I was just given a sample of Pregnitude today as it was recommended. Wouldn’t it be nice if baby #2 was an easy conception. My doc also recommended the hubs take supplements, just not that one in particular. I’m happy to share the list of recommended supplements, most were specific to PCOS. Not sure how crazy you want to get on it though.

    1. Thanks Liz. I always appreciate your comments, especially since I know you’re in the midst of such a hell hole of TTC yourself right now. You’re one of my oldest bloggie friends, and I sure appreciate knowing that you’re still around! I’d love the list if you’d like to email it to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh starting for #2 is so hard! Such conflicting feelings swirling around and around in your head. We wanted 3 years between the kids but we’ll have just 2 because #2 was super easy. You just never, EVER know what’s going to happen.

    Good luck getting your body jump started again. I remember being ready for that and just wanting to know that CD1 was here so i could start keeping track again. CONTROL ISSUES?!?! Why yes…. I do have them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This is exciting, Jose!

    1. Ha – I have told you how much I love your spreadsheets!! Totally control issues. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It’s so crazy how we have no control on how these things end up….I would never have thought in a million years I’d be where I’m at trying for #2…

  4. I am so hopeful for you.

  5. J and I have been talking about what we’ll do when it comes time for #2 as well. Sounds like we’re on a similar timeline. I hope nothing less than smooth sailing for you this go-round. I’m thinking about you guys!

  6. I hate what IF does to us and all the feelings it brings up in TTC#2, I hate that, in most cases, it takes away the surprise or ‘ideal’ aspect of a pregnancy – there is no ideally, and frankly it just isn’t fair…I know, life isn’t fair, but come on!!
    I so hope that #2 comes easy for you. Thinking of you and wishing you success!!

  7. Ah, number two. Such a can of worms! I had always imagined two, but now nearly three months in, we’re just not so sure anymore. But due to our ages, if we’re getting back on the horse, we have to do it before L is a year old! So not ideal! I understand so completely just wanting to be done with the madness. I hope things go smoothly for you this time, when you are ready!

  8. Hi Josey, I am a long time reader and was curious if you had sold or were planning to sell your hypnobabies home study course? Or do you know of a good reputable site to buy it used with all the materials?

    1. Hey there! I actually borrowed it to my SIL for her pregnancy and now another friend of mine is using it for hers. After that I’ll probably be taking it back for me for awhile in the hopes that I’ll need it again someday. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never did find it for sale second hand anywhere, but honestly, it was 100% worth the $150 I spent buying it direct from their main site – more so than anything else we bought for my pregnancy or the nursery. To have a positive, calming, empowering birth experience = worth every penny!

  9. My little one isn’t even 3 months yet and I’m already thinking about #2. I used to also talk about having 3-4 years between kids, but who are we kidding?! I want kind whenever I can get them!! Good luck Chicago, I hope your cycle returns and by some miracle its regular.

    And your comments were not TMI, super helpful. We’ve done it a few times now and experienced exactly what you said. Its good to know its normal, and at least I’m prepared that it may still be this way for a year…

  10. Maybe you could add back in some acupuncture. That seemed to regulate my crazy cycles more than anything. At any rate, I hope you are blessed with an easy #2 this time!!!

    1. Yeah, I definitely want to try to scrape together the cash to do this again. I LOOOOVED acupuncture, but at $50-70/session, we just can’t afford it right now. I might talk to my acupuncturist about a package price or something once we’re in full on TTC mode someday.

  11. Thank you for posting this! It is so timely. I just had my annual appt with my OB and discussed what I should expect from my cycles post-breastfeeding. She basically said if I’m not cycling on my own, she wants me on BCP or Provera every couple of months. Yuck.

    Will you please post a follow up and let us know how you think it’s working?

    1. Definitely! I’m taking 2g morning and night right now, and the plan is to give this a few months and see what it does. I’m not quite sure what will happen with BFing during that time, but I’m guessing we are nearing the weaning stage. We shall see.

      UGH, BCP. I can’t imagine putting more hormones into my body, but I also get that it’s not awesome to never be cycling. *sigh* I just pray that my body decides to fucking WORK this time around.

  12. Feeling in a similar situation right now. We’re still nursing 4 times a day so also no period for me yet but I am feeling anxious about it. Just want it to come so I know it will, you know?! Ugg. Hope things get moving for you. And also hope an easy #2 comes for you sometime in the near future so you don’t even have to stress about it!!!!

    1. Exactly. I just want to know it will actually come on its own!! I honestly wanted kids further apart (3-4 yrs) and really don’t want to be pregnant again already, but since it took us 2 yrs and treatments to get Stells, I’m afraid of waiting another year+ to start TTC again, b/c what if it takes us years again? *sigh* I hate IF.

  13. Wow, #2. I bet it is hard and scary to even step a toe back in that place. I hope that your second is easier to achieve than your first! Stella would be such a great big sister!

    It sucks that IF robs some of the joy, planning and finances from you life/pregnancy. I understand why you would start trying sooner rather than later based on IF though.

    Good luck!

  14. After seeing you (and No Baby Ruth) write about it, I might give myo-inositol a try myself. I’m feeling squirmy about talking to my doctor about it though, and I can’t really figure out why. :/ I’m glad for you that, at least for now, you’re taking a relaxed route to TTC #2 and seeing what happens.

    1. I haven’t talked to my doc about it. Just started it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t had a check up since …. ages ago. Oops.

  15. […] Then One Year In discusses what I’ve learned about myself as a parent in the past year, and #2 talks about my feelings about to jump or not to jump back onto the TTC wagon. […]

  16. I really hope that this helps! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you started having regular cycles and number 2 was NBD? Good luck !

  17. FWIW my first round of “CD3” bloodwork was also done on an annovulatory cycle and it 100% showed that my PCOS was reflected in my hormones. So I think it’s a good sign that your hormones look pretty good – even if they were taken on a strange day.

    I really hope the inositol helps and your cycles return! I admit that I stopped taking mine after my IUIs because I was sort of “over it” until a few nights later when i realized – DUH, there went my folic acid too!

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