The Monday Snapshot – Cow Milk Edition

On Saturday we did a family trip to the grocery store, and while we were there I decided to pick up some organic whole milk with Vitamin D for Stella. She has been EBF thus far (except for 3mL of organic formula on day 2 of her life so they’d let us out of the damn hospital), so it was pretty bittersweet to think of giving her any other type of milk. However, for the past month we have been nursing morning and night and supplementing with two 4oz bottles from my freezer stash during the day, so I’m suddenly down to my last 30oz or so, and it was time to take the plunge!

For now, the plan is to give her a breast milk bottle after her morning nap and a glass of whole milk after her afternoon nap – that will extend the amount of time she is getting breastmilk for a little bit longer. Or, as I type this, I guess I could save the breast milk in the freezer stash to use once we’ve morning and night weaned just to make sure she’s getting the immune benefits as long as possible? Hm…. hadn’t though of that. At any rate, we gave her a glass of cold cow’s milk straight out of the fridge on Saturday, and girl CHUGGED it down. I guess it was only a hard transition for Mommy…

Tossing it back like her parents!

Tossing it back like her parents!

Heading into a new year with a new kind of milk. My little girl is growing up…


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  1. elizabethkbaker · · Reply

    Such a big girl- and drinking from a cup- wow! I don’t blame her- I LOVE cows milk- ha! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

  2. Look at those mad cup skills! GB doesn’t even drink like that 🙂

  3. Chugging skills, milk style:] Smart to take it straight from the fridge because we’re stuck with still having to warm it up:[ Sweet growing girl and lots of new skills to learn this year!

  4. One handed cup drinking? Genius!

  5. What a big girl!! Look at her drinking from that cup.. wow! Alidia would toss it on the floor if we weren’t holding it with her or in a sippy cup. Glad she enjoyed her new milk! 🙂

  6. Yeah – I planned and planned how to introduce whole milk and Matthew did not care for my plan – he just wanted it and he wanted it now! This is definitely harder on you than it is on her.

    Good for you for buying organic milk. 🙂 I love that!

  7. I’ve been an organic milk girl since we started the whole TTC thing with help. I love that Costco carries it even with DHA. I wasn’t sure how my conversion was going to go. Since we had weaned from breast milk to formula, I figured I would do it the same way. Drop one bottle of formula and switch for cow’s milk…I had to bribe her at first with a little strawberry syrup added to the milk, but once she got a taste of it, there was no going back. Last week I washed the last of Raegan’s bottles and packed them away for if we ever have a #2. It made me cry as I boxed up that chapter of her life. She’s growing up so fast.

    Now as far as the open cups go, Raegan does fairly well, but if she tries to drink it too fast, she ends up wearing more milk than she actually drinks. It will be a slow transition I think from sippy cups to open cups in our house. I’m sure this makes me a bad mom, but at least I know she’s getting the milk and not wearing it LOL

  8. Glad it was a smooth transition, for her at least. 🙂 She definitely looks like she’s got the hang of it!

  9. So glad she loved it and it was such an easy transition. I started introducing whole milk to Savannah last week but she only would drink it from her bottle. I couldn’t get her to drink it out of her sippy (she drinks water from the sippy no problem though). Maybe I’ll try a regular cup and see if that helps/

  10. so glad she loved cow’s milk!! It’s a hard transition for mama no matter what, but definitely helps that she took to the moo juice like a champ! go stella!

  11. I’m so glad to hear that she liked it! Sofia is NOT a fan. We started by mixing it with breast milk as we were reaching the end of the frozen stash and she would take it mixed just fine, but straight? NOT a fan… I need to keep trying though.

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