What a Year

A lot of my bloggy friends did a 2012 recap post yesterday, and though I’m a day late, I thought it’d be a fun way  to recap my favorite posts from the past year. Boy was it interesting to me to read back through my year and reminisce about how much has changed! I blabbed on in 260 posts last year (granted 52 of them were the weekly Stella updates, so that # will likely go down this year) so there was a lot to wade through. 🙂 Without further ado…

January – This month was full of learning how to be a Mom. My 1st post of the year was Starting off the New Year with a…Cry? – I kept crying because my baby was always crying and I didn’t know how to make it better. It’s fun to see how far we’ve come. 🙂  Partway through the month I wrote To Sleep or Not To Sleep – wherein you could tell I was finally finding my groove and happy about doing what felt right to us as parents. At the end of the month came I Wanted This, Right? – because I had gotten the job offer that I had hoped for but was struggling with the decision to leave my 7 week old.

February – I spent most of February just getting used to working outside the home, but I loved Our Song – Happy 7 Years, Honey! about the first time I met my husband. I can’t believe it’s been nearly eight years that we’ve been together now!

MarchChallenges talks about how we know Stella’s life will be filled with challenges, but we sure hope that learning isn’t one of them, and Thoughts on the Beauty of the Breast was my 1st PAIL contribution. Nearly a year later, I really am so proud of and grateful for the breastfeeding journey we have had.

AprilWhat Kind of Parent am I? was another PAIL post – it’s fun to see how those monthly themes get me really thinking about different aspects of my life as a parent! I gotta say, I like the kind of parent I’ve turned out to be – we do what works for us, and that’s okay!

May – This was a pretty quiet month, but I got a lot of great comments from you all on My Child’s Privacy and My Blogging – Mutually Exclusive or Not? This is definitely still a topic I think about every day before hitting “Publish.”

June – I wrote about my first time really feeling like ME again since TTC and pregnancy after taking some time for myself in The Most Fun I’ve Had…

July – This was the month that we were never sleeping and about to lose it, and Groggy was my call for help from all of you. You guys came through in epic proportion with help and advice! Then in Words of Affirmation, I talked about the importance of remembering (and honoring!) your partner’s love language, even when you are in the midst of a stressful new parenting challenge.

August – In Words of Substance, I reflected on what it means to write in a public space, and how we should go about deciding what is/isn’t okay to write about. Always good food for thought. In 8.5 Months, Then and Now, I wrote a humorous post on how my 8.5 month old child was reminding me of myself at 8.5 months pregnant. Still one of my favs. 🙂

September – Jealousy is still alive and well in my world, as evidenced by my post Guilt and Grieving.

October – Obsessed with Babies goes through my TTC, pregnancy, and parenting levels of obsession. Thankfully I’ve been getting better with time thus far!

November – I started of November feeling pretty down about my dog dying in RIP, but at least there were plenty of fun memories to be made in my blogger meet-up post, ChiBLOGo!

DecemberThe Beginning of the End is one of my bittersweet favorites of the year for sure. It marks the change in my relationship with Stella as I cut out pumping and started to cut back on breastfeeding. Then One Year In discusses what I’ve learned about myself as a parent in the past year, and #2 talks about my feelings about to jump or not to jump back onto the TTC wagon. Scary.


What a year it has been. Thanks to all of you for being the best cheerleaders and support a girl could ever ask for. 🙂


  1. What a year you had!!!
    So many happy moments! I’m hoping for many more! Not to mention tons of success on TTC #2.
    You had mentined pregnitude (sp?)
    Another fellow blogger is/has taken this…

    Hopefully that link works!!!

    I’m wishing you all the best in 2013!!

    tons of HUGS!

  2. love watching stella grow! happy new year! 🙂

  3. Miss Mac · · Reply

    So proud to share so many of those special and at times crazy moments from the sidelines and appreciate your support as well. Can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for Miss Stella… and you and Charlie of course:] Happy New Year!

  4. You’ve had quite a year! It’s so fun to look back and see how things have changed, usually for the better, as we evolve as parents!

  5. She is so, so cute :).

  6. Definitely been quite a year! Hoping 2013 is just as exciting with really good things to come!

  7. It has been such a fantastic year. I have loved officially following you through 2012 (I was reading last year but without my own blog and commenting) and getting to know you and the beautiful miss Stella. She has grown and changed so much and it has been amazing watching you settle so wonderfully into motherhood. Cheers to 2013!! 🙂 xoxo

  8. Wow, you and Stells are both so gorgeous! That is all. Oh, and thanks for the recap! I’m going to go read over your early Stella posts, I need to hear that it was hard for others too! Up all night and just looking for some similar stories, an struggles to pass the time.

  9. It’s been an amazing and busy year for you! You’ve written so many reflective posts this year; I’m looking forward to reading the ones I haven’t read yet.

  10. I am determined to read all of these posts before commenting so it may be a few days but I will have something Good To Say soon! Consider this the promise ring of comments <3

  11. I am SO GLAD I found this blog on Creme de la Creme! We have a lot in common and I can really identify with much of what you write. My daughter (an IVF baby) was born two days after yours. We too were blessed to be able to follow our natural birth plan and have really loved nursing. I have PCOS. And we’re starting fertility stuff back up again very soon. My faith is also really important to me. I’ve only read a few of your posts but I’m looking forward to digging deeper into your blog. We’re weaning now, and I’m heartbroken, so I’m interested to hear what you have to say about that process. I also feel like I’m learning every day what kind of mom I am, so I want to read your “One Year In” post too. Oh, another commonality – I’m also a Vikings fan. (-:

    1. Thanks, Em! I’ll have to check out your space as well!

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