Remember – I’m just going to do the monthly updates, etc. over on my family blog from now on out. I can’t believe I have a 13 month old!


  1. How did you get her to love brushing her teeth, any tricks? We are starting to do it on a more regular basis now that Chloe is getting a few more, but so far she isn’t a big fan. I can just picture Stella dancing on her knees – so cute! Glad you are still doing these updates.

    1. No idea – we just handed her a brush and let her mimic us. She thinks it’s hysterical! Charlie brushes her teeth FOR her for like 30 seconds, and then we just let her “brush” them herself for awhile.

      1. This is what we do too – I brush for real the top and bottom rather thoroughly, and then give him the brush.

        Steph, I had a post on this and Nikki, a dentist, gave me a tip. What I do now is set Matthew on the floor with a book, in the sink wrapped in a towel (yes, in the sink), or in the tub (depending on time of day because we do it both morning and night) and come at him from behind and above his head. This works EVERY time. He opens up and lets me do the top VERY easily. He lets me do the bottom teeth too, but he sticks his tongue out so that takes more work. I am VERY thorough – and he gets frustrated but then so happy when I give him the brush and have him do it himself. He also tries to brush my teeth and I let him do that a little. He actually asks to brush now by grabbing his brush, opening his mouth, and saying, “ahhhhh.”

        Good luck!

  2. elizabeth · · Reply

    What a sweetie! Adorable pictures!

  3. 13 months? how is this possible? such a cutie!

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