The Monday Snapshot – Pantry Edition

We spent yesterday hanging out at the house of some good friends of ours, and they (sans children) have a TON of stuff for Stella to get into. Thankfully, she focused her efforts on their little pantry shelf, and she was able to move cans around from shelf to shelf and box to shelf to her little heart’s content. 🙂


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  1. Stella, you are stylin in that cute hoodie! We have that exact same shelf and it is totally a Treasure Trove for Toddlers. We frequently have poltergeist moments when we randomly find 4 or 5 cans of nonperishables, precariously stacked next to the cart.

  2. Elizabeth · · Reply


  3. She looks so proud of herself! You better watch out – I think she’s ready to come home and organize your cupboards for you 😉

  4. I just reorganized our pantry so there is nothing glass on the bottom two shelves. Everything else is fair game. They just love it!

  5. HAHAHA! There was much talk of pantry organizing on Twitter last night. Send Stella over to AL’s house, would ya!? 😉

  6. We took Gracie to a first bday party of a not-yet walker when she was 13 months old. They had a completely open pantry like this and were shocked st how much their lives were about to change haha. Guests were finding random spices in their purses for days! 🙂

  7. Miss Mac · · Reply

    Those jeans make her look like such a big girl! Looks like she had a good time! Cute!

  8. Looking adorable, Stella. Love the hoodie! Alidia would have loved this and would have been doing the exact same thing!! She is always trying to get into our cupboard with the tin cans… but imagine them just being right out in the open. So much fun!! 😉

  9. She looks like an excellent kitchen helper!

  10. Growth spurt! She looks so tall (and cheeky!)

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