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As most of you are aware,  2 days/week Stella goes to an at-home daycare about three minutes from home with just a couple of other toddlers. For the most part, we absolutely LOVE this place and the provider and the kids, though the down side is that if the provider’s own children are home sick, the daycare probably has to get shut down for the day(s) with very little notice. Case in point – I received a text at 1am this morning that her boy had just thrown up all over the living room, so ya, no daycare for Stella today.

Often I can wrangle my sis-n-law or a friend to watch Stella for at least a half day last minute, but today, no dice, so after trudging out in the -22 degree weather this morning WITH Stella for my 8am weekly office meeting, at 9am I headed back home for an impromptu Mother/Daughter day with Bells. She took an awesome 3hr nap all morning, and then after having a messy lunch together that gave Stella quite the hairstyle, we spent the next few hours playing and taking pictures. She loves to take the lens cap off…and on…and off…and on…and off my camera, and that’s what she was doing here. I love it. 🙂


PS – Huge thanks to everyone who chimed in with their vaccination opinions and reasons last Friday! It’s obviously a hugely personal decision, but I thank everyone for playing nice in the comments. 🙂 I ended up getting the shot myself last Friday, because I figured it would (a) help keep me from bringing the flu home from work so I could keep it away from her that way, and (b) give Stella a few of the benefits at least through my breast milk. I decided I’m just not comfortable giving it to Stella at this age. Thanks again for all the input!!


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    Wait, REALLY -22 degrees? Please tell me that’s a typo!

    1. REALLY. It got up to 12 above today for the high. This is ridiculously cold weather.

  2. It must be tough to not know until the last minute about the daycare but glad your work is good enough about it and hey, you got to have a mommy / daughter day, and that is a wonderful thing!! 🙂 Love this photo of her and that hair!!!

    1. Ya, thankfully my work is SUPER flexible about it, which is part of the reason I agreed to work for them in the first place! I definitely love the random mommy/daughter days. 🙂 And yes, her hair was AWESOME today. LOL

  3. How are you getting such cold weather? My mom says it’s cold in MN too, but I don’t think it’s that cold, and we’re having a balmy winter in NY. Brrrr. That’s an awesome hairdo! Bummer on having to miss work, but not really. 😉

    1. Ugh, I dunno, it is NOT normal for us to be colder than Minnesota and Alaska, I know that for sure. It’s been horrid cold the last week or so. I’m SO tired of it, though I try not to complain to my husband since he actually works outside in it. ICK.

  4. That was the one and ONLY thing about in-home daycare that bothered us when we were looking at daycares (we had selected the one we wanted and would have gone there, but she filled up). It’s hard enough taking time off when it’s YOUR kid who is sick, but to do it because of someone else’s kid being sick – well – that could end up being a lot of time off.

    I am glad you enjoyed your time though! What a nice girl for taking a long nap (Matthew did over 3 hours today too – something is in the water!). Look how long her hair is!!!!

    1. Yep, it’s the one issue we have as well. At least my job gets it that I can’t help it, and I don’t make much money anyway, so once we take out the daycare cost that day, it only ends up costing us about $50 of net income when this happens. (plus I get another day at home with Stella!)

  5. She is just so cute!! That hair!

    Yes that sucks that you couldn’t get anyone to take care of her but I’m sure the mommy daughter time made it all worth it!

  6. Yes, that is a huge pain in the butt. Luckily we only had that issue a couple of times when Chloe went to the sitter, but that is one major downfall of an in-home daycare. Other than getting out for your meeting in the morning, glad you were able to stay home with Stella on such a cold day. And that hair?? How did she do that?

    1. With some cream cheese pasta. 🙂 She ran her hands through it and got it all oily/greasy, so I stood it on end for a picture. LOL

  7. hahaha, love the pic! Awesome hair!

    It has to be a huge pain in the butt, sorry it can just close at the drop of the hat. Hooray for a fun day at home with your girl.

  8. Awesome. Love the pic….yeah…..the perils of daycare….

  9. Miss Mac · · Reply

    One of the disadvantages of an in home daycare but not such a bad “plan c!” :] I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow myself! I love the hair and that you have such a helper!!!

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