The Monday Snapshot – Sickness Edition

This was a rough weekend. It started out well enough – hanging out as a family on Friday night after work…Stella was asleep at 8, Charlie at 8:30, me at 9.

Saturday we hung out all day (well, I worked on taxes – boo), but it was a nice day, and that night we sent Stelly up to her Nana and Papa’s for the night so that Charlie and I could have some time to reconnect. Little did we know what a blessing that would be to have her out of the house.

Charlie and I had dinner together, and then about 8pm, three of our friends came over, and we had a few drinks at the house. By 10pm, we headed out to the local bar where there was a live band, had two more beers there, and came back home. Not a wild and crazy night at all! We were asleep by midnight maybe? All I know is that at 2:30am, Charlie woke me up, saying that he needed to puke.

He commenced puking…and puking…and puking.

I have NEVER seen him in so much pain. The poor guy puked at least every 15 minutes for the next six hours, and his belly was cramping, his whole body ached, everything just hurt. By 7am, I texted the new FNP at our clinic (who happens to be a friend of mine now as well), and told her all of Charlie’s symptoms. She said it sounded like he had the norovirus that has been going around. Not good. Usually passes in 12-60 hours, but it is pretty debilitating in the meantime. Ya, tell us about it. At any rate, she called some meds in for us, but the local pharmacy was closed on Sunday, and the one that’s 30 minutes away didn’t open until 10am. I called my in-laws to see how Stella was and to let them know about Charlie’s situation, and my father-in-law told me that they happened to have 1 pill of the exact same med that had just been prescribed for Charlie (it’s for nausea and pain – my SIL used to take them for migraines I guess). At any rate, he thankfully came right down with it (around 8:30?), and Charlie was able to keep it down long enough to take effect. My FIL headed to town to pick up the Rx anyway (Charlie didn’t want me to leave him, poor guy), and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and feeling generally cruddy myself. Charlie was up for all of 15 minutes today – that is IT, though thankfully he hasn’t puked again since he got the first dose of the medication.

So ya…thank God Stells wasn’t here for the morning. I could not have handled a baby at the same time as Charlie – his pain peaked from about 6:30-8:30, and it was horrid. I picked Stella up this afternoon and she of course nap striked, so it’s been a long evening. Thank GOD she loves the bath, so that was the one highlight of the day. It’s hard to be too frustrated when you see this cute little face grinning back at you…


All bundled up post-bath!


A year ago — that’s me in the background, prepping for her first ever bath at home. 🙂

So yeah, as I write this on Sunday night, I’m not feeling the greatest at all and have puked twice, so please say a little prayer that Stella and I don’t also get this nasty bug as well. It’s highly contagious, so we shall see. *sigh* What a weekend…


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  1. I really can’t ‘like’ that. Poor Charlie. And poor you! Hope you all feel better really soon, and that Stella doesn’t get it! xx

  2. Ohhhh no!!! That’s horrible! I was going to say that it sounded like a great weekend and that we need to take a page from your book and let Sofia spend the night at her grandparents’ house (and we do), but ugh!!! The second half of your weekend sounds terrible! Poor Charlie and now poor you!! I hope Stella stays healthy and you both recover quickly!

  3. Hoping that you and Stella don’t come down with what Charlie had too! That sounds awful, just awful. What a great picture you ended the post with though.

  4. Sorry to hear about C. 🙁 That virus is a doozy.

    But Stella’s hooded towel is the cutest ever!! Where did you get it??

    1. It was a baby shower gift – so I’m not sure. It’s hands down the best towel we own for her – we use it 6 out of 7 nights. 🙂 All the other hooded baby towels were WAY too small for her months and months ago.This one has remained nice and soft and plenty big!

      1. I was going to ask this too! Bummer.

      2. Oooh – I checked and it’s just a Carter’s towel! – It doesn’t look as soft and furry in that pic, so I hope it’s the same one, but the tag on it is Carters!

  5. Oh no!!! I was just reading about this last week. Sounds so horrible 🙁

  6. Oh Josey, I am so sorry to hear about this (second half). It sounds absolutely horrible!!! 🙁 Really hoping you and Stella don’t get it and definitely not as bad as poor Charlie has had it.

    Also, Stella looks so tall in that photo with her towel on!! Adorable!!

  7. We had the same thing earlier in the winter. My husband has had it twice in the last year. I’m glad your inlaws had Stella during all of this. Saying a prayer that you get better soon and that Stella will stay healthy!

  8. Oh my gosh, we had that over Thanksgiving. It was all three of us and Ray adn I would take care of Avery the best we could in between getting sick. It was probably the worst three days of sickness I have had in a long time. And it was so sad to have Avery so sick too.

    I pray you two don’t get it and that Charlie feels better soon.

    And what a beautiful picture of stells before her 1st bath.

  9. Stella looks so TALL in that photo – I cannot believe it!

    I am so sorry that you guys are so sick. That is awful. I can’t imagine throwing up that often in that few of hours. I’m glad Char is better so that he can hold down the fort while you’re feeling crappy.

  10. OH I feel your pain on the sickness…Raegan was the first to get it in our house, then Babe, and then me. I like you took care of Babe while he was in the throws of it, but when I had it, I had to take care of a healthy Raegan all on my own. Oh it sucked. I hope Stella stays healthy and you all get healthy again soon! It’s an awful awful bug and I’m really hoping we’re done with it in this house!

  11. Oh no – what a terrible way to spend the weekend! Hope Charlie is feeling better soon and that you and Stella don’t get it, too!
    Love that towel – so cute!

  12. Boo on noroviruses! We had one in October here, and first the spouse was sick for 12 hours, then I got sick too, but it was a 30 hour illness for the both of us AND magically the kid never got it despite being home with us the whole time (and of course no bleach in the house). I hope you both feel all better soon and that Stella avoids the sickness!

  13. elizabeth · · Reply

    Oh how awful! Praying that you were OK and that sweet little Stells didn’t get sick.

  14. I really hope you get through it without getting violently ill (though, frankly, if you puked twice, you sound pretty sick to me already :/). What a crappy surprise! I laughed a little bit when you said not a wild and crazy night, though, because if I went to a bar, ever, I’d feel pretty wild and crazy these days. I sure wish we had grandparents around here! I love, love, love the two pictures of Stella in her towel, BTW.

  15. Oh goodness, I hope you and Stella don’t get sick! What a great pic of tiny little baby Stella!

  16. Uuuugh. That’s the worst. May everyone get and/or stay healthy in your house from here on out!

  17. I hope you’re feeling better. Poor Charlie I hate throwing up 🙁 Stella is so grown up!

  18. lyndellmaree · · Reply

    Oh poor thing 🙁 hope things get better in you household soon.

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