The Monday Snapshot – Puffy Coat Edition

Charlie and I used to make fun of people that wore puffy coats, because where we live in the middle of the mountains in Colorado, everyone seems to wear Patagonia coats and drink microbrews and feel cool doing it. Then this year, we both realized how incredibly warm those coats are, and thanks to a half off pro deal we got from some friends of ours, we have since fallen into the cult. 🙂 Stella’s coat is just a hand-me-down random coat, but we got a good laugh out of realizing that we are a now a fully converted puffy coat family. <3 these two!


This is part of a weekly feature called The Monday Snapshot over at PAIL.

Click here to see everyone else’s contributions and to learn a little more about Mellow Midwest Mama (AL) this week! AL is the awesome blogger who opened up her home to me and Stella when we went to Chicago last fall – and her picture is of her total hottie hubby and their adorable toddler in the shower last weekend. Don’t miss it! 🙂 


  1. It is so funny reading these as we sit in the middle of a heat wave, which FYI I freaking love. Although, it would be nice if the weather cooled off slightly so I could sleep.

    I love her beanie!! Or hat. Or I don’t know what you guys call it but that little dollop of woollen cuteness on her head 😉

    1. It’s hard for me to remember that you guys are in the middle of a heat wave!
      We call it a beanie or a hat – though on children, it’s more likely to be called a hat. It was handmade by a nurse in my grandpa’s nursing home!

    2. It’s called a TOQUE! 🙂

      1. Only in Canada! 😉

      2. Don’t be bringing your fancy hat names over here!!

  2. Love it! All those two need now is a microbrew and they’re set. Signed, another puffy-coat devotee.

  3. I finally cracked last year or the year before and got myself a puffy coat. And I LOVE it! Matthew loves his too!

    That hat/toque/beanie is rather cute… But anything on Stella’s head is going to be cute!

  4. I’m all about puffy coats, downy coats, coats that cover your butt…anything to keep out the cold. Your two loves are adorable, by the way.

  5. I just joined the puffy coat cult as well with a count of TWO puffy coats for christmas. I’m finding puffy coats and microbrews work well together – we just need to find some sort of hipster kinder-beer for the tots.

  6. These two are two stinking cute together in their puffy coats!!! And actually, I like you was one of those anti-puffy coat people that maybe even made fun of them on occasion! :/ I have never had one and now had kind of forgotten about them but I will turn my anti-puff feelings around after seeing Stells in hers 😉 Adorable!

    1. We have TOTALLY made fun of the puffy coat brigade…but they squish down to NOTHING and they are so warm, AND we can still drink domestic beers if we want. Screw the microbrews! 🙂

  7. SOOOOO cute! Love the picture of your two loves together, reminds me I need to get my camera out and take some more of mine together soon!

  8. Oh I know this too well. We laugh at them too. You can’t go to a Western Slope film festival without one though. Seriously, I don’t think they’d let you in. But they will happily sell you a microbrew once you are in the door. We continue to laugh (at ourselves) now that we each have the Patagonia down alternative versions, I might even have a similar puffy vest…..

    1. Good to hear from you!! I miss your updates. 🙂

  9. I used to be anti-puffy coat too! They’re so ugly! Except they’re so warm!! And then they don’t seem so ugly after all! And Stella would be adorable in anything, so she’s golden! 😉

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