Bet ya didn’t know I was a childhood actress. 😉

Chez Scov

flashbackOh my gosh – I have spent the last hour watching clips of this movie from my childhood and laughing hysterically!! The author of the book is the man narrating the videos – who also happens to be a close family friend. We were helping him out as extras. 🙂

At 13:54 during lesson 5, I’m in the pink headband. Hysterical.

Lesson 7 features my Dad in the red plaid.

…and to watch the whole thing, click here!

A big thanks to my Mom for digging these out – what a blast from the past!!  LMAO.

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  1. I can’t access this video on my phone for some reason, but you look adorable in the still. Ill have to look on my laptop and see!


  2. What?


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