Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Staying On Track!

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks PostpartumStarting Weight: 172.9# (02/05/2013) – I’m 5’8″ & medium build.
Last Week’s Weight: 169.1#
Current Weight: 165.9# – I think the bloat is finally down (7# in 2 weeks? Ridiculous.) and from here on out will be more slow and steady wins the race.
Goal Weight: 152.0#

Avg Daily Steps – 6,647: Based on my SUPER low average step count on work days lately (around 2,500), my goal was 5,000 day, which I hit 5/7 days. Last Friday I only got 3,600 (I was feeling super sick that day and just couldn’t work out) and yesterday I only got 4,100 (I was at 2,400 after work and made myself go up and down the stairs for awhile and jump on the elliptical for 10 minutes to break the 4k mark at least). On the up side, I hit 10,800 on Sunday!! My eventual goal will be to get to that 10k mark more often than not, but for now, I’m going to keep working on hitting 5k. The only way I can do that on work days is to walk a LOT more than my job actually requires (i.e. get up and walk away from my desk on a routine basis – which I know is good for me anyway) + at least 15 minutes on the elliptical. Sounds like nothing, but when I get home from work around 5:45, we eat at 6, Stella is in the bath by 7, and she’s sleeping by 8 — there just isn’t much time! I’ve been trying to do the elliptical on my lunch breaks, and the only way that’s been possible is that I prepped 4 meals for the week on Sunday afternoon, so I wasn’t using my lunch break / just after work time to cook. To put this in perspective, as I write this at 9:30am, I’m already at 2,800 steps today (my day off) just from playing with Stella and cleaning around the house. It really requires effort on a work day!

Avg Daily Calories – 1,534: A HUGE thank you to Emily for letting me know that MFP and FitBit will sync up. All of my foods from the last few years are already in MFP, so it makes it so much easier to get back into tracking food when I don’t have to input everything from scratch (yes, I’m lazy). I tracked all 7 days last week and did great (and even got to drink probably a dozen beers over the course of the week, including a bunch with friends on our back deck in the sun on Saturday – this makes me happy). Being healthy is 80% about food for me, so it feels great to be tracking again.

Measurements: I took measurements today, and I’ll post updated measurements about once a month I’m thinking, since I know those are more important that the actual number on the scale.

Also, FitBit sends you weekly summary reports about your calories / activities / sleep /etc – and they are based on a Monday to Sunday week, so I think that moving forward I’ll maybe still write these on Wednesdays, but the data in them will be regarding the previous Monday to Sunday time frame. It just makes more sense than me having to go in and hand calculate things!

DAMN it feels good to be back on this wagon. 


  1. Way to go, Josey! You are doing awesome. Being a mom while taking care of yourself is not always easy (or a priority), but you are showing that it can be done. I have been cutting back to the calories for the past two weeks and incorporating more salads into my weekly menu. Now it’s time to kick up the cardio! I think my husband and I would love the FitBit and scale. I really need to check into both for us!

  2. You are so good at blogging, I wish I were better at it! Good for you and yes it feels so good, hard but good. I am working on losing weight too! I need to check out that FitBit, the night sleep thing is very interesting!

  3. emskyrooney · · Reply

    Glad to help! I love the fitbit/mfp combo (even though I’ve been stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks despite working out and eating right- ugh). Maybe I should start doing a weekly weigh in too!

  4. Whooo hoo! Good for you! I LOVE the fit bit! Can not say I love the scale – but it’s not the poor Scale’s fault. I keep forgetting to wear my fitbit lately – this motivates me to get it going. Are you part of a fitbit group? Create one and I’ll join 🙂

    1. I just created a group called blog friends. How do I search and invite you?

  5. Yay!! I am so glad that you are feeling good and back on the wagon. It sounds like you are really on the right track and doing a great job so far. And wow, dropping the pounds too!! I am sure you’ll be hitting your goal weight in the not too distant future if you still with the tracking. Good for you 🙂

  6. Wtg and awesome job it isn’t easy working and being a mom. Your doing fantastic! I love my fitbit and MFP working together. I am on my 3rd fitbit though I washed one and the other one fell off my belt. Keep up the great work :).

    1. LOL, I’m on my 2nd. Lost the 1st on my walk home from the local bar last summer. Oops. 🙂

  7. Good job girlfriend. What about an event to motivate you next weekend i am doing thr spartan race (check it out) the baby one though but it looks HARD

    1. I’m looking for a 5k right now actually!

  8. Good job, Josey!! I really need to get back on this wagon, too, as it just FEELS so much better! It’s hard to get going, but once we do… so much better! And, seriously, i need to get a fitbit.

  9. Good for you! So glad you’re feeling better! Weird / random, we weigh the same for now. Though I’m guessing that won’t last long you keep losing weight and I um gain it. Eek.

    1. LOL, ya, but you’re a cpl inches taller than me and PREGNANT!! Very random though. 🙂

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