The Monday Snapshot – Snow Day Edition

The ski resort that I live by has gotten absolutely DUMPED on recently (over three feet of snow in the past four days), and conditions couldn’t be better. I spent all day Sunday snowboarding/skiing with a bunch of my friends, and oh my goodness am I worked. We were riding through some AMAZING powder in the trees, though my phone died so I never got any pics of it. I got home at 4pm, cooked some dinner, laid down in bed for awhile, got back up to watch Stella until bedtime (and watch some Oscars!), and then went back to bed myself…after I hit my 10k step goal for the day! My body is absolutely crushed right now, but it hurts so good…



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  1. I wish I lived near a ski resort. So beautiful! !!!

  2. This looks awesome, Josey!! 🙂 How fun that you have this near your house! Good for you for getting out and doing this… even if it aches a whole lot now!!

  3. What a great way to spend your Sunday! We got 12 inches of snow on Thursday and they are calling for another 12-20 tomorrow…we are NOT used to that here in KC! Now if I just had skis to get myself around, I’d be good. 🙂

  4. Looks like you had a super fun weekend!!!!!

  5. Oh yeah that looks magnificent! The pain!! Stretches!

  6. The best kind of tired!

  7. It looks beautiful and sounds like so much fun.

  8. Yeah, I’m not jealous of my family and friends in Kansas City who have been dumped on! We haven’t had much snow at all in the past couple of weeks and I’m perfectly fine with that! Looks like a fun time. 🙂

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