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Over at PAIL we are currently running a little lighthearted 20 questions survey to help us get to know more about everyone! Also, you totally don’t have to be on the PAIL Blogroll to participate. Just answer the 20 questions below and link up by Thursday! I’d love to get to know a little more about each of you. Below are my stream of consciousness answers to the questions – no editing. Enjoy. 🙂

Les Réponses…

  1. What was the last thing you threw in the garbage/recycling? A beer can, I’m sure of it. Usually of the Bud/Bud Light variety, though lately we’ve been going “recession buster” and buying 30 packs of Busch/Busch Light instead because they’re cheaper. I know, it’s sad. Quantity over quality in our house. Are we in college? 🙂 On the up side, Busch Light has less calories than Bud Light (95 instead of 110), and I like it less, so I usually drink it slower. Win/Win!
  2. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? Adele – Rolling in the Deep – because it settles Stella down in the car. 🙂
  3. What is your favorite quote? You can’t outwork a crappy diet. – Okay, that’s not my favorite, but it’s just SO DAMN TRUE.
  4. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Cleaning baseboards. Heads up – it doesn’t happen in my house. Sorry.
  5. What is your favorite form of exercise? Hot yoga, when I get around to it! Lately the elliptical is a lifesaver. SNOWBOARDING! How could I forget that?!
  6. What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? May. here in Colorado, things are still green, the river is running (yay for rafting!), and the days are longer every day – perfect for having drinks on the back deck with friends.
  7. What is on your bedside table? Alarm clock (that I haven’t used since Stella was born), a Kleenex box, glass of water, chapstick, Simplicity Parenting, cell phone. Boring, I know.
  8. What is your favorite body part? My smile. Is that a body part?
  9. Would you use the power of invisibility for good or evil? Elaborate. Evil. I’d totally be playing pranks on my husband.
  10. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? 31. This age is pretty great. I have a great husband, awesome daughter, close family, good friends, and my health. Not bad, right?! A close second is 22. That’s the year I lived in France (YAY!), traveled a ton, and came to Colorado on vacation and met my husband. That was a good year too. 🙂
  11. What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Pay off my mortgage and the mortgages of all of my close friends and family members. How sweet would that be to not stress about living costs?!
  12. What is your biggest pet peeve? Slow drivers.
  13. If you could know the answer to any question, what would it be? Will we have more kids?
  14. At what age did you become an adult? 28. That’s when we bought a house, I quit a job I hated with no foreseeable job opportunity in the future, and we got diagnosed with IF. Just lots of heavy, expensive stuff. Nothing like bills to make you feel like an adult, right? 😉
  15. Recommend a book, movie, or television show in three sentences or less. Revenge – it’s totally my guilty pleasure to watch on ABC (and what I was watching the night I went into labor with Stells!). Beautiful people, travel, good old fashioned hand to hand combat, and revenge. I love it!
  16. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? Ha. I was a goody two shoes. Teased my sisters? Was slightly late for my 10pm curfew?
  17. What was the first album you bought with your own money? Hm… I got Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill) and Ace of Base I believe for Christmas 1995. It was awesome.
  18. If someone wrote a book about you, what would be the title? Bitch could drink. j/k 😉 Friend to All!
  19. What story do you wish your family would stop telling about you? Hm… maybe the time I came home from college on break freshman year and looked around at all of the clutter everywhere (I was always the neat freak) and exclaimed, “How do you people LIVE like this?!” I seriously spent the weekend cleaning and organizing. Type A much?
  20. True or false: The unicorn is the greatest mythical creature. State your case. Hm… YES. Because they’re pretty and remind me of My Little Pony and horses are cool. DONE!

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  1. I love this I’m going to try to do it too! And I love how at least 10 of your answers revolve around drinking that means you are enjoying life!

    it’s funny you say smile because the first time I came up on your blog and saw your picture I thought you had a great smile and look like someone who would be fun to hangout with.

    1. Haha, hey now, only 3 mentioned alcohol, and one was in jest! We do have fun though. 🙂 Love our friends!

  2. So…is it bad that cleaning my baseboards has never even crossed my mind?

    1. I’m only moderately sure I know what a baseboard is and why I might want to clean it.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    I heart Revenge!

  4. Does anyone actually clean baseboards in their home? I sure haven’t done it since I left food service three years ago! Abby likes Adele too; she’ll bust out with ‘Rumour has it’ at the damnedest times. 🙂

  5. I did this last night but scheduled it to go up on Tuesday. Funny, as I was reading your answers, some of them sounded a little eerily familiar! Great answers!

  6. Love it.

  7. I’m so glad you said your favorite body part is your smile. You have an amazing smile!!

  8. elizabethkbaker · · Reply

    I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned a baseboard in my life…but it does sound awful. And I wish I was an orgnaization/cleaning freak!

  9. You do have a great smile!

    Slow drivers are the worst. THE WORST! My husband is one of them and it takes everything in my not to yell and him to speed it up! Total road rager over here!

    Of course you put your post title in French. I’m lucky I could read it. HA!

    1. The midwife totally told Charlie to DRIVE FASTER when we were on the phone with her – 15 miles from the hospital – and she realized I felt like pushing. HA. He was going 55 in a 60, afraid of getting pulled over!

      1. Yep – that would be Brian! Don’t they know that they can SAFELY go 5 over the speed limit (and I believe 8-9 over) and not even register on the radar?

  10. I LOVE Revenge, tjhe TV show! Now that Cece is here, my dvr never get any attention but when I want to escape and watch ONE show a week, it is Revenge. I have a girl crush on the main character — she is beautiful and kicks arse! and the pretty scenery is fun to look at — I am a beach girl and love love love the Hamptons.

  11. I am so envious of you living in France and traveling Europe! I would love to go overseas but Ben hates to fly. My brother took french in high school and barely passed (never applied himself) and he went to France with the French club. I took french and passed it with As and the french club disbanded and I never got to go! But I am not bitter! 🙂

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  13. Bills, definitely the thing that makes you feel like a grownup.

  14. Umm…I did not know baseboards needed cleaning…. 😉

  15. I love reading about what songs will calm people’s babies down. For G it is Matchbox Twentys newest CD!

  16. A tip about baseboards… when`

  17. Dang… sorry, Pippin decided to push buttons on my computer while I was typing. Anyway, when/if you do clean them 😉 use a bounce sheet. It will keep the dust from sticking to them so you don’t have to clean them as often.

  18. Regarding Adele, Ethan loves that song too! I finally found a version that isn’t super boring though (listening to it SO many times I couldn’t anymore.)

    1. Oooh – I love it!

  19. My aunt told me a story about painting the baseboards when her youngest was a toddler because my grandmother was coming to visit and was a much better cleaner than she was. I just couldn’t relate at all. I mean, I know my baseboards are dirty, but I can’t imagine caring!

    1. Oh, I totally don’t care – that’s why it doesn’t get done (unless my MIL comes over – b/c she is an OBSESSIVE cleaner). I’ve had to let my uncomfortableness go with her – she actually LIKES to clean everything when she’s over. It’s weird.

  20. I was reading the comments and saw the tip about baseboards and wanted to add one of my own – once the baby is a little older, make HER do the baseboards. She’s already RIGHT THERE, perfect height. My boys all think they can balance on baseboards (silly boys) and they DO balance on the baseboard heaters – their socks are gross, but my baseboards are clean!

    1. LOL, i love it!

  21. Another goodie too shoes?!? 😛 Hoping I’m not the only bad girl in this!!

    You do have a beautiful smile!! 🙂

    1. I was a late bloomer. Did plenty of bad things in my 20s. Oops!

  22. I <3 your answer to #1. It made me laugh out loud as I've done the same thing with boxed wine. 🙂

  23. I care deeply about clean baseboards! But only my own… I’ve never looked at anyone else’s! That dryer sheet tip is for REAL though.

    I like option #1 for your book title LOL!

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