The Monday Snapshot – Sugar Rush Edition

Charlie’s parents stopped by on Saturday afternoon with a special little “gift” for Stella. She was sleeping at the time, so when she woke up from her nap, we FaceTimed with them so they could see her reaction. Um, ya – she crushed the entire cup of dippin dots! She is her father’s daughter…



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  1. So cute!

  2. See, this cracks me up b/c I know how much GCB loves ice cream, so I can totally see any kid of ours having the same reaction Stella did.

    Also, make her stop growing so she can be teensy-ish when I finally meet her!

    1. Sorry lady – she’s freakin’ growing up SO fast. I can’t wait to bring her to the game!!

  3. Hahaha! I love how wide she’s opening her mouth for those Dippin’ Dots. Awesome!

    1. Must.Not.Miss.A.Single.Dot

      She seriously made sure that she ate every single one!! LOL

  4. I can eat them all!!! Clever girl and um, yum!

  5. I love this photo!!! 🙂 Girl loves her some dots. Yum!!

  6. Soo funny! She has a sweet tooth! Avery does too, especially for things of the frozen variety! We do frozen yogurt drops and Avery loves them. And they are sooo much easier for her to eat without making mess the way regular yogurt does, now that she must feed herself.

  7. This is a great picture. I probably eat them the same way with the same amount of enthusiasm! Now I really want dippin’ dots. I might just have to settle for good ol’ fashioned 31 Flavors.

  8. that shot is priceless! Stella is soooooo cute!

  9. Agh! I love this! EK has never tried Dippin’ Dots, but LOVES ice cream so I know she’d be a fan!!! Sweet Stella is absolutely adorable!!!

  10. LOL! Look at that gusto!! Can’t argue that she looooves dippin dots! 🙂

  11. I just LOVE this! 🙂

  12. Very sweet. In so many ways. Dippin dots…the ice cream of the future.

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