Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Little Eyes Edition

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the numbers from this past week, go check out my friend Type A‘s blog post about the lessons we are teaching our childen about health and moderation. It’s a good read, I promise. Type A is one of the very first bloggers I started following around four years ago, and she’s newly back into the blogging world. So good to have her back. 🙂

So ya, I need to make sure I’m exhibiting a healthy concern about what I put into my body and how much I move my body…but not get into the murky obsessive zone that I’m so apt to fall into.

This past week was another good week. I was pretty good about eating in moderation and moving my body. I need to focus on putting more veggies into my body though, so that’s going to be one of my focus areas this week!

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks Postpartum-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3
-Last Week’s Weight: 167.2#
-Current Weight: 166.1#
-Goal Weight: 152.0# / BMI 23.1

Avg Daily Steps – 6,372 (goal was 6k/day – I did roughly 6k, 6k, 3k, 10k, 10k, 6k, 3k)
Avg Daily Calories – 1,415 (roughly 850 deficit per day)
# Floors Climbed – 95 (goal was 70 – I crushed this!)

Goals for this coming week:

Average Daily Steps – 6,000/day, minimum! Just 30 min on my elliptical will easily boost me into the 6k range instead of the 3k range (obviously there were 2 days last week that I didn’t work out). I made sure to be super active on the weekend (two 10k days!) to compensate, but still, I want to be getting in the habit of moving my body more EVERY day if possible.

Average Calorie Deficit – 750/day (which would equate to 1.5#/week) – I need to stay dilligent about tracking my food and make sure I’m counting every bite of Stella’s food that goes in my mouth! I also want to make sure I’m eating more veggies every day.

Total # Floors Climbed – 100. I’m totally upping my goal this week! Some days I’ve gotten 5 floors, some days 25, so I’m also working on getting more consistent about this. 

Weekly Tip:

Half the cheese! Don’t get me wrong – I LOOOOOOOVE ADORE AND PINE FOR a good hunk of cheese, but it’s fairly insane how heavily loaded our recipes are with it. For the past week I did an experiment, and I have (at minimum) cut in HALF the amount of cheese called for in all of my recipes (especially casseroles), and my husband and I haven’t even noticed a difference! I have also cut out the butter in most recipes, and if needed, just added in a bit of olive oil. Much healthier fat and lower in calories!


  1. Your post last week inspired me to turn the pedometer on my phone on AND get the kids outside EVERY day. I did it! I should join this program of yours!

  2. Not the CHEEEEEEESE!

    Otherwise, excellent work. 😉

  3. hakiva · · Reply

    I also am currently wearing the pedometer I was inspired to buy after reading you weekly weigh-ins:)

  4. Sounds like you are doing so well and this little fitbit is helping (can’t wait to get mine at the end of the month!) 🙂 And great tips too… I usually add EXTRA cheese so I can’t imagine halfing it but I know I need to try. I love me some cheese though!!!

  5. PS – I am jumping back on the WWW next week and getting my butt in gear. This whole weaning thing is causing some weight gain issues of about 2lbs a week!!! AHHH! Need to readjust diet with the loss of each nursing session.

    1. Yep, my weight jumped up when we dropped the mid-day nursings. Not fun!

      Also, I usually add cheese as well – you just realize what a calorie dense food it is when you are counting cals. Eek!

  6. Awe! I almost got teary-eyed. Thanks for the mention. I’m thinking seriously about the FitBit. I’m curious as to how it measures things. Does a walking “step” count the same as a running “step”? I’m so confused. But my birthday is next week, and I’m thinking of suggesting to DH that I probably need a FitBit. I’m thinking of NOT getting the scale because I’m almost at the point of weaning myself from the constant on/off of the scale because I’m about to switch into maintenance mode (which means more calories and I am PUMPED about that).

    You’re doing great! And YES! I am a cheese addict (I used to eat an 8 oz block of cheese almost daily when I was BFing… I won’t discuss the calories/fat in that.) and I live with a cheese addict who tends to double the cheese in recipes. So… Lol. I am very conscious about it now though because I see the numbers it adds to MFP. 🙂

    1. I don’t know how it knows what you’re doing, but it does! It even tracks my strides on the elliptical correctly. I’d skip the scale as well if I was you – I just have a ways to go (20#) to get to my happy place!

      8oz block of cheese a day? Cake. Been there, done that. Eek!

  7. Jessica · · Reply

    Great job jos! I have requested the fitbit band for my birthday, it isn’t quite out yet, but should be soon! I just know I would lose the fit bit, it is so tiny! Thanks for the motivation!

    One of my biggest pitfalls is eating the kids’ food… And not counting it on MFP…. And then eating more goldfish…

  8. Isn’t it amazing how much cheese is in our diets? You don’t realize it until you take steps to try to control it! I am proud of you for modifying recipes in this way!

    I love cheese too… oh so much!

  9. I posted the lamb salad recipe for you! Keep it up!

  10. mcmissis · · Reply

    I have an eerily similar post scheduled for tonight. Not quite as eerie as “little eyes” though 🙂 I used to wear a pedometer, and you’re making me want to start up again. I just don’t want to answer the constant barrage of Gracie questions its sure to bring though haha

  11. The half the cheese thing sounds like torture, but I bet you’re right…we probably wouldn’t even notice. Also, great job with your quest for health. Sounds like you’re doing awesome.

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