15 Months

This past week has been a really rough one around here. Basically, there was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad event that occurred that resulted in the death of one of Stella’s daycare mates last week. You’ve probably read about it in the news, it’s that bad. At any rate, we’ve been spending this past week holding her close and thinking about how it’s impossible to protect her from all of the bad people in the world, and that is so, so scary. We love you so much Stella.

Chez Scov

Dear Stella,

I know I say it every since month, but WOW have you grown. This month just flew by! Ever since we got back from Minnesota (right around the 14 month mark), it seems like you have changed by leaps and bounds. You are suddenly a full blown toddler with OPINIONS and PREFERENCES and COMMUNICATION SKILLS to go along with them…and that’s pretty darn cool. 🙂


You comprehension and communication skills are really through the roof lately. If we ask you to go get something or if you want something, you easily follow direction or tell us yes/no. When you want to say yes, you adamantly nod your head yet (it cracks us up every time), and so far the “no” head shakes are pretty cute too. It’s so fun to see how proud of yourself you are that you can communicate with us now. Your signing has really…

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  1. Realizing that we can’t protect our children from everything horrible is one of the hardest things to accept.


  2. Since you mentioned this event, I’ve been reading like crazy and found their blog and have been reading it. I just can’t imagine the pain that they’re going through. Things like that are NEVER supposed to happen but particularly to people we know (obviously, I don’t know them… I’m referring to you here). I’m so sorry that y’all are dealing with this so closely. Just love on that sweet baby girl and know that you’ll protect her from everything that you are capable of protecting her from.


  3. Oh honey hugs I hope you are ok xx


  4. My heart wrenches when I hear of such things. Saying a prayer for those families.


  5. That ponytail picture is awesome! I love how her communication skills have taken off so much in the last month, there is no stopping her now! That story is just awful, I can’t even imagine. Thinking of that family and holding my own a little closer.


  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    1. I am so sorry for you guys and of course that family. There are no words.
    2. Lyla weighed 24 lbs. 8 oz. at her 9-month on Tuesday 🙂
    3. I was thinking the other day that I miss hearing bout Stella, and remembered signing up for updates rom your family blog but never get them. So I googled chez scov{}, and it’s a different family blog! So weird. I’ll try to follow you again haha.


    1. LOL, ya, when I first started chez scov, I found M-E’s blog as well. I still follow her. 🙂

      How in the world do you make such big babies?! LOL. Lyla is so squeezable.

      I moved my family blog from blogger to wordpress a few months back – maybe that’s the issue?


  7. I’m loving the curled toes in the chair pic- don’t you love the feet?! She is so cute and getting so big… I love the opinions we’re getting too, although we’re not always on the same page lol. I love the ever increasing communication skills and plan to do a post about that soon- what a game changer! Not sure what happened in your town but sometimes I just want to put H in a bubble when I watch the news. Sad.


  8. Oh my, she is just gorgeous!


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