The Monday Snapshot – Sickly St. Patty’s Day Edition

Well, we have spent the last 10 days watching Stella get sicker and sicker. I don’t know if it’s correlated, but she got 3 vaccination shots on Wednesday the 6th (the most she’s ever gotten at once – normally I keep it to 1-2 max), and she has basically gone downhill from there. By last Friday I got a call from daycare saying that I had to come get her because she was running a fever, so I brought her by my office quick (I work in a Family Practice medical center) and the doc checked her out and said she had an ear infection on the left side. We left with a Rx for some antibiotics, and I figured she’d perk up quickly. No such luck. By Saturday night she was a total mess, and by Sunday her fever was up to 102.2 and she was a whiny, clingy mess for most of the day. I also got a glimpse of two molars coming through on the bottom, so I think we’ve been battling the trifecta of an ear infection + teething + an upper respiratory infection. *sigh* Poor baby.

Telling Daddy about how crappy she was feeling.

Telling Daddy about how crappy she was feeling.

At any rate, she perked up a bit late Sunday afternoon after napping for most of the day, and I was able to get a few cute pictures of her when we went outside a bit to get some fresh air. She looks good in green! πŸ™‚


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  1. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Poor Stells! When Shane was sick with his bilat ear infections in January I was told by his Pedi that it takes atleast 48hrs. on meds before they start feeling better. I also thought it would be after a dose of 2 of meds. Hope she is feeling better today. It breaks your heart when they are sick.

  2. Poor Stella! Hope she is feeling much better soon. It is SO hard when our little ones are sick.
    She does look good in green!

  3. Poor poor Stella!!! πŸ™ I hate sick babies and wish they never had to feel this way. So glad she perked up a bit yesterday afternoon and got to enjoy some fresh air. That will do her good! You are right.. she sure does suit green. What a cutie. I am loving her hair and counting down until Lids hair grows just a bit longer so I can do the same!! πŸ˜‰ I think Stella is just getting more and more beautiful everyday. Those cheeks and those lips.. ahh.. they kill me!

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    Her hair is sooooooooooo cute!

  5. Oh, poor baby! Those leg warmers are super cute though. And we love Super Why here too!

  6. I am DYING with the cuteness!!! OMG! Green really is a great color for her. (Her rosey cheeks make it even prettier although I suspect that was fever red, which is never good!) Love those pigtails too!

    Hope she’s feeling better!

  7. Oh poor Stella πŸ™ we’ve been battling our first sickness she has bronchialitis and is so chesty – I’ve never wanted to be sick so badly for someone else! Happy st pats!

  8. Pig tails!! Oh my gosh, she looks so cute. I’m sorry to hear about her being sick, that sounds just awful. Chloe didn’t do so well with her last round of shots either. Love the look for St. Pat’s, Stella!

  9. My youngest got a fever and ear infections with every.single.tooth. Good luck, it’s no fun as a momma to see that happen!

  10. Ugh! She’s so stinking cute!!! The pollen is falling in vast amounts down here so our whole house is sniffly, sneezy gross! Thankfully, (knock on every piece of wood in sight), 2 has been a relatively well age so far. I feel like we spent the first 2 years being sick with one thing or another so it’s high time we get a break. πŸ™‚

    Glad she’s on the mend. Happy, well babies are even cuter!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Hope she feels better soon! Poor babies! I am loving those little pigtails

  12. Oh Stella! Poor little sicky! Teething on top of all that is BOO-URNS. Sorry baby girl πŸ™

  13. Super cute legs there!

    Don’t you feel like you’re always guessing at what all is wrong with them? We blame teething for everything, but it can’t always be their dang teeth! Molars are no fun… and neither is an ear infection. I hope she’s feeling even better today!

  14. That first photo… heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Charlie is looking at Stella with such genuine interest and gentleness and Stella looks so pink and stuffy, it’s a very sweet little snapshot of your life but I feel for the little lady <3

  15. Love the pigtails!!

  16. Hope your little cutie is feeling better soon. I haven’t tried Super Why, I’ll make sure to check it out.

  17. Heather · · Reply

    Poor Stella, being sick just is miserable. Hope she starts feeling better soon!

  18. Oh no! We just battled this and ended up in the hospital after day 8 of high fever… hope that is not the case for Stella and she gets better quick! If you don’t see improvement with the antibiotic, ask them for the next stronger one after a couple of days. A lot of mom’s told me the first antibiotic that is usually given for ear infections rarely works… that was true for us. Sorry, sick babies will break your heart:[

    1. We just switched to a stronger abx after 6 days. Still feverish and has an ear infection on the right now. Poor kiddo. πŸ™ Hoping this one helps.

  19. aww man — hopefully she’s done with illnesses for a very long time. Hugs to Stella!

  20. So I’m SUPER late in checking this out. Poor darling girl! But I have to say I LOVE her pigtails and leg warmers.

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