Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks Postpartum-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3
-Last Week’s Weight: 165.1#
-Current Weight: 164.6#
-Goal Weight: 152.0#

Avg Daily Steps – 8,231 (goal was 6,500/day)
Avg Daily Calories – 1,688 (822 deficit/day – goal was 750 deficit/day)
# Floors Climbed – 114(goal was 100)

Well, my calorie intake was up, but so was my daily step count, so overall it was a good week, and I still lost 1/2#. I like eating, so it’s definitely good that I’m really focusing on getting lots of movement in during the day as well lately. 🙂 I blew away my step goal again, which is awesome. When I started tracking with the FitBit, it was really hard for me to even average 4k, and now I’ve doubled that! I still only get about 2,500 steps/day when I’m at work, so it’s requiring lots of running the stairs at our house or jumping on the elliptical or taking a walk with Stella to get those numbers up. It’s also motivating me to walk more places instead of drive on my days off, so that’s good!

Goals for this coming week:

Average Daily Steps – 7,000/day – I want to keep the ball rolling on having increased movement just be a standard part of my daily routine. This past week I moved between 5k-12.5k steps/day.

Average Calorie Deficit – 750/day (which would equate to 1.5#/week) – I need to stay diligent about tracking my food and make sure I’m counting every bite of Stella’s food that goes in my mouth! I also want to make sure I’m eating more veggies every day.

Total # Floors Climbed – 100. FitBit requires a 10′ elevation gain at a time to count it as a “floor” – and a lot of times the stairs in our house don’t quite cut it. BUT, if I bend my knees at the bottom before I start, then I get credit for the flight.

Weekly Tip:

Mix Veggies Into Everything! I’m a big fan of kids knowing what their food looks like (hence not specifically “hiding” veggies in food), but at the same time, it’s hard for kids and adults alike to eat enough veggies in a day, at least in my house! I’ve started doubling (or tripling) the vegetable ingredients in my recipes lately, and it’s awesome. If it says 1 bell pepper – I add 2. If it says 5 oz steamed spinach – I use 10oz. So far everything has still tasted great, and it had the added benefit of making the meals all a little healthier!


  1. You’re doing awesome! 🙂 I like the idea of adding veggies into everything. I’ve been trying to do this more too. I do give Lids veggies that she can see too but adding them into things can’t hurt either. I know I said I was going to start WWW this week but I am going to wait for my fitbit to arrive with a friend coming down next week… then I’m on it!!!

  2. I wish I liked veggies AT ALL. It’s so hard. We’re awful eaters at our house. I’ve looked at your food diary and sometimes I laugh because it’s SO MUCH BETTER than mine. I eat total crap. In other news, you are kicking tail, sister! Your calories burned and fitbit adjustment is completely absurd to me!!!! AND you’re losing weight! Keep it up! You’re doing so great! (Is it okay if I say that after stalking your food, you would definitely lose 25 lbs by cutting out beer. Lol. You remind me of one of my BFFs. Guess I’m glad I can’t stand the taste.)

    1. LOL, oh believe me, I know I could lose weight faster if I cut out beer. I just don’t WANT to. Last time I lost 20# while still drinking, so I know it can be done! 🙂 It’s just a huge part of what we do with our friends and family around here, and I truly enjoy it!

      That’s also funny you think my food has been good lately – b/c I really don’t think it has been at all! Working on getting back into eating more fruits/veggies with every meal.

      1. I give you permission to stalk my food diary. Then we can discuss awful food. You have kale. I have Pringles. I won’t even go further because every example would be similar. Haha. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of alcohol. I want to be (sad, right?) but I’ve never really developed a taste for it, so while we get together with friends often (not nearly as often as before EK), I’m usually the only one without some type of adult beverage. I guess that’s good, but it’s not in a “holier than though way… it’s just a lack of like”. Lol.

  3. Wow jos! Great job! You’ve been consistently losing every week!! I took a 3 night trip to Portland and gained 4 pounds and had to re lose that this week, so I’m pretty much back to base one, but it only took 1 week to lose 4 days of binging on delicious food 🙂

    1. So my point is… I’m jealous of your consistent downward trend!

  4. that’s a great veggie tip! I think I will try that myself 🙂

  5. You always have such great tips, and this one is especially good. I’ve never thought of doing that, but it’s going to be a goal from here on out.

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