Ready to Party!

After about 2 weeks of feeling off and a solid week of a 100-102 degree temp, ear infections on both sides, molars coming through, and the general snotty/coughing crud, the SECOND Rx of antibiotics finally kicked it to the curb, and our little girl is starting to feel better. Now it’s Friday, and with chapstick in hand and a snazzy new sweatshirt from Grandma, she is ready to party! πŸ™‚


  1. So glad she’s finally feeling better! Love that sweatshirt….I’m really hating molars. They’re taking FOREVER to come all the way through…R keeps chewing on her hands to get relief. Nothing I do helps her πŸ™

    1. Ya, unfortunately, EVERY OTHER KID at the daycare (the other 4) all got the same crud now… as did my MIL and SIL. Stella was ground zero. πŸ™

  2. Rad sweater Stella!

    UGH. DIE MOLARS DIE! They seem to never stop coming in. Sorry! How many teeth do kids get anyway? A MILLION?

    I love that she loves a tube of Chapstick so much! They seem to get obsessed with the weirdest things!

  3. Look at that sweet baby!!!! So glad she’s finally feeling better. I’m dreading E’s 2-yr molars already. πŸ™

  4. What a cutie! Love that sweet smile πŸ™‚

  5. Yay!!! So glad she is feeling better!! Man, molars… they are killing us over here. Although today has been a very happy day and hope it stays that way… although it won’t because the molars still aren’t through!!! Uggggg. Poor kiddos. Loving Stella’s outfit!! πŸ™‚

  6. Cute!!!!!!!!

  7. so glad she’s doing better! I love her outfit.

  8. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Happy she is feeling better!

  9. FINALLY! So glad to hear she’s feeling better. Teething. Yah. Siiiigggh…

  10. Oh, she looks so precious…and that sweatshirt is QUITE snazzy. (-: So sorry that she’s been sick, and I’m so glad that she’s doing better.

  11. Desiree · · Reply

    She’s getting so big!! And yeah, Sofia’s poor little mouth is exploding with teeth, she’s got the winter crud, and she gave it to me so it’s just a barrel of laughs over here. I NEED spring to get here, for real this time.

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